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Cell Phone Monitoring Blocker

Perfectjammer 2022-02-16

Cell Phone Monitoring Blocker

The shell of the high-power cell phone jammer power amplifier is made of cast aluminum (cast aluminum alloy) material + copper bars through the aluminum heat sink to quickly conduct heat and dissipate heat quickly, giving the machine enough heat dissipation area. On the contact surface of the power amplifier that is most prone to heat, a thicker copper-clad design is adopted. The copper bar can absorb heat quickly, and then accelerate the heat absorption through the aluminum alloy. After transmission, after contact with air, the heat has long been dissipated invisibly. The interior makes full use of the principle of air convection. The temperature is automatically detected by the thermistor, and then the fan is started. The wind speed is slow when the heat is low, and the wind speed is high when the heat is high. Cell Phone Monitoring Blocker The heat generated by the internal components is blown to the outside, supplementing the surrounding low-temperature air, forming convection and circulating. The combination of inside and outside forms an ideal heat dissipation method.

The 14th is an important day for the final exam of junior high school students. The editor came to Chengguan Middle School in Tongcheng County. I saw two rows of mighty security guards standing at the entrance of Chengguan Middle School. To ensure that children can take the test with peace of mind, security guards do their best to ask everyone who enters or leaves the campus or who are unfamiliar with the reasons and matters, so as not to disturb the children's activities when cluttered personnel enter the campus. exam. Chengguan Middle School is the only school in the county that uses the Cell Phone Monitoring Blocker test for the first time. In order to create a good learning atmosphere and let students develop the habit of honest examinations, Chengguan Middle School held the "Final Examination, Exam Style and Subject Education Conference" and special class meetings on the eve of the final examination. I hope that the students can achieve good results by their own strength and jointly create a good examination style.

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