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A vehicle's GPS technology can be interfered with or completely blocked by so-called jammers


The GPS technology of the vehicle may be interfered with or completely blocked by so-called jammers. In the short or long term, electromagnetic waves will overlap with the signals emitted by the transmitter, making them unusable. To achieve this, the signal jammers only needs to be close to the GPS device. However, the use of whining sounds is generally prohibited in Germany.

However, this type of disruption must be distinguished from more complex GPS spoofing, which not only disrupts transmission but also the content of fully manipulated data transmission.

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Employees feel monitored

Remote information processing systems have been used for a long time in an increasing number of fleets, and with the help of these systems, daily workflow is becoming increasingly digitized. This mainly includes GPS positioning. Their use can bring many benefits to the company and employees. However, some employees also feel that the remote information processing system in their vehicles is constantly being monitored: due to integrated technology, their location is always visible and all travel routes are accurately recorded. In particular, those who were previously allowed to use the company's vehicles free of charge felt that they were monitored around the clock, their personal freedom was restricted and often treated unfairly.

However, they do not have many options at this point. Although they must be informed of their usage, they usually cannot refuse the technology. It mainly serves the public interest and adds value to the entire company. GPS should not be used to monitor employees - especially after work or on weekends.

As mentioned earlier, complaining is punishable and not encouraged. Sooner or later, it will be discovered that this technology cannot function properly. It may even lead to significant issues within the fleet or company. For their own interests, employees and fleet managers should pay attention to the following:

Try to avoid interference as much as possible

Regularly check the position/status of the equipment

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Compare data such as mileage and time

Report deviations as necessary

Preventing GPS interference

There is almost no complete protection against GPS jammers There is a technology that can reduce this impact. However, this is expensive and complex, making it most commonly used in fields such as military or aviation. However, for medium-sized companies, they are impractical and not recommended. If you, as a team manager, discover any inconsistencies or deficiencies in GPS technology, you must conduct an investigation, and last but not least, look for interference stations. However, it is impossible to avoid malfunctions caused by criminal energy such as theft or misuse of vehicles. Regularly checking hardware and software, and taking quick action when problems arise, can usually prevent malfunctions from occurring.

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