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Tihar prison authorities decided to install 4G gsm jammers to block communication channels between prisoners and their accomplices outside the prison


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Due to the rampant use of mobile phones by inmates in Tihar prison, the prison authorities decided to install 4G gsm jammer to block communication channels between prisoners and their associates outside the prison.

Install 4G jammer

Current jammers in prisons are capable of blocking 3G signals and have become ineffective as prisoners have been known to use 4G SIM cards to make calls and keep in touch with colleagues while incarcerated.

"The new jammer is part of my aim to stop the use of mobile phones in prisons, which has been the main focus of the Delhi Police," Director-General (Prisons)Sandeep Goel told TOI.

During the investigation, criminals were found to be using WiFi to make phone calls inside the prison.

Earlier this year, a Rohini businessman received a video call from Tihar prisoner Rahul Kala demanding Rs 5 lakh. The prisoner also sent him a photo of himself posing with Don Neeraj Bawana. Police later traced the phone to the prison and filed a report with the authorities.

Former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala was found in possession of a mobile phone inside the prison during a search.

"The use of mobile phones by prisoners inside prisons has been a concern for police and prison authorities and we plan to arrest them. In addition to having better jammers, we will increase patrols and ensure that the routes through which mobile phones are smuggled are connected to power, "Goel told the media.

Jammers will be installed in Mcandoli and Rohini prisons, which currently do not have signal jammers. Senior prison authorities are tasked with developing procurement plans and installing these jammers.

As well as tracking mobile phones, key prison authorities have been told to increase the frequency of surprise inspections.

In addition, a special team has been set up to examine materials brought into prison premises by visitors or foreigners.

There have been numerous reports of criminals inserting mobile phone parts into rubber bullets and pressuring them in prison. Many of them use standard SIM cards to make calls and then destroy those cards.

Prison authorities should also coordinate with Delhi Police to monitor calls made from prison premises and track the location of callers.

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