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WiFi jammer type devices transmit interfering radio waves on a specific frequency used for data transmission


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What is WiFi deauther?

WiFi de authentication allows you to disconnect your device from the WiFi network, even if you are not connected to the network, with the help of vulnerabilities in the 802.11 protocol (2.4 GHz frequency band).

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Be careful!! It is recommended to use WiFi Deauther only on WiFi networks where you agree to intervene. This article is written for demonstration purposes.

What is the difference between WiFi Jammer and WiFi Deauther?

WiFi jammer type devices transmit interfering radio waves on specific frequencies used for data transmission in the 802.11 protocol. It can cause signal interference to mobile phones, drones, or other devices using WiFi. It can also interfere with Bluetooth signals (between 2.402 GHz and 2.48 GHz).

Due to the impractical nature of wifi jammers (due to their size, cost, and power consumption), which disconnect all users from their work area (effectively disrupting the entire WiFi network), the concept of WiFi Deauthentication emerged.

This type of device is especially used by Penetration test personnel (or Penetration test personnel) because it is small and portable, consumes less power, and is cheap compared with WiFi jammers, and only disconnects some devices from the WiFi network.

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Nowadays, children often use mobile phones, and you won't be surprised to hear that it can seriously affect work efficiency. They are procrastinating machines, so using a signal blocker is essential because it can prevent them from using their phones first.