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Trace Blocked Calls Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-10

Trace Blocked Calls Cell Phone

How can I ensure safety after the test paper arrives at the test center? Trace Blocked Calls Cell Phone Can you "block" the mobile phone signal? On the 7th, the 2013 college entrance examination will kick off. Yesterday, the reporter went to No. 39 Middle School, one of the 60 college entrance examination centers in Wuhan, to make a field visit, unveiling the mystery of the "standardized test center" for the candidates. "This year's college entrance examination, there are 438,000 candidates in the province, and Wuhan, which has 58,500 candidates, is also 'the strictest in history' in terms of examination arrangements." The director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office said that in addition to continuing to use metal detectors, cell phone jammer , etc. For the first time, Wuhan City will also install "electronic eyes" on the transport vehicle for college entrance examination papers to realize the whole process of mobile monitoring of the transport of test papers from the printing factory to the examination room. Different from previous years, Wuhan will install video surveillance on the college entrance examination paper delivery vehicle for the first time this year, so as to realize mobile surveillance video during the whole process of examination paper transportation, so as to achieve 360-degree monitoring of "printing factory-secret room of each district-secret room of test center-exam room" without dead ends. . After the exam papers arrive at the school, the school is also "ready for battle". The reporter walked into the secret room of the No. 39 high school test center and saw that there were three iron gates in the test paper secret room on the second floor. On the day of the college entrance examination, the test papers will be temporarily placed here after they are delivered from the secret room of the district admissions office early in the morning. The Confidential Room is under 24-hour full monitoring.

Feng Nong, director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office, said that this year's college entrance examination, all test centers have achieved 24-hour video surveillance in the secret rooms. This system is connected to the monitoring of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office, the Provincial Examination Institute, and the Ministry of Education. In this way, the Ministry of Education can "remotely patrol" the secret room of any test center in the city at any time. We came to the proctoring room of No. 39 Middle School and saw a rectangular box on the table. "This is Trace Blocked Calls Cell Phone , all purchased by the education department, and the price of each is more than 500 yuan." An invigilator said that from their experiments, this instrument can be used for various types of mobile phones, such as China Mobile, China Unicom, 3G, PHS, walkie-talkie, wireless network card and other signals are effectively shielded. "This year's college entrance examination, all test centers will be equipped with mobile phone jammers. At that time, each test room will have one, and some will even have toilets and lounges installed." The director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office revealed that according to regulations, the installation height of mobile phone jammers is 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters, therefore, mobile phone jammers will be hung on one side of the podium blackboard during the college entrance examination. "This year's college entrance examination, English listening is broadcast on the campus radio network. Will cell phone signal jammers interfere with the English listening broadcast?" This has become a concern of parents. Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office said that after the English listening test is over, the power of the mobile phone jammer can be turned on and start working normally; after the test is over, the power of the shielding device will be turned off only after all the candidates in the test room have left the test room.

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