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Do You Block Your Cell Phone Number

Perfectjammer 2022-01-09

Do You Block Your Cell Phone Number

The door appears to be locked, but it is actually in a "false lock" state, and thieves can easily steal property with a Do You Block Your Cell Phone Number in hand. Recently, there have been such cases of theft in the provincial capital. Relevant people remind car owners that after locking the door, be sure to pull the door to confirm that it is completely locked. Yesterday, Mr. Wu, a citizen of Nanchang, reported to this newspaper that a few days ago, he drove to a hotel in Jinxian County, Nanchang City for dinner, and parked his car in an open-air parking space designated by the hotel. When he and his friends came out after eating, they found that the car door could be easily opened, and the inside of the car had been turned over in a mess. A wallet that Mr. Wu's friend put in the car was stolen and lost more than 2,000 yuan. Mr. Wu immediately called the police. The door is locked, how can a thief easily open the door and steal the wallet without breaking it? Mr. Wu found through the Internet that there have been many incidents of theft with cell phone jammer interfering with the car owner's door lock. Only then did Mr. Wu realize that his remote-controlled door lock was interfered with by a mobile phone jammer.

Through a search engine, I searched for websites that sell Do You Block Your Cell Phone Number on the Internet, and found hundreds of thousands of pieces of information. The reporter called a seller in Shenzhen as a buyer. The other party said that he has nearly 100 kinds of car decoders, which are effective in the range of 80 meters, 50 meters and 10 meters respectively. Simple and easier to maneuver. Master Li of the Nanchang FAW repair shop told reporters that the mobile phone jammer sold online can emit electromagnetic waves like the remote control key, and its power is strong, which can shield the electromagnetic wave of the target car's remote control lock. He reminded the majority of car owners that after pressing the remote control lock button, don't just see the lights on twice or hear a "click" sound, and manually check whether the doors and trunk are closed before leaving. In addition, directly using the car key to lock the door is the safest method.

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