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Magicjack Cell Phone App Block Caller

Perfectjammer 2022-01-06

Magicjack Cell Phone App Block Caller

Illegal stall owners in some electronic stores in Qingdao secretly sell Magicjack Cell Phone App Block Caller , with prices ranging from 200 yuan to thousands of yuan. In this regard, the Qingdao Radio Management Committee stated that it is illegal to sell and use the product without approval, and citizens can report it to them. "Why do you want that? You can't sell this stuff!" At about 1 pm on the 26th, the reporter came to an electronic store on Liaoning Road. When he heard that the reporter wanted to buy cell phone jammer , a hawker asked vigilantly. In order to dispel his concerns, the reporter had to pretend that he had opened a gas station. He was afraid that the customer would have an accident when he was using his mobile phone while refueling, so he wanted to buy a signal jammer.

After some inquiries, the hawker said that he could take the reporter to buy it. He led the reporter to an electronic equipment store. When the reporter explained his intention, the shop owner asked and searched under the counter, and said that he operated several brands of Magicjack Cell Phone App Block Caller with prices ranging from 200 yuan to thousands of yuan. "If you have a small space, you can use this!" The owner pulled out a palm-sized black instrument from under the counter. The reporter saw that there were three screw ports on the top of the instrument, marked with GSM, CDMA and 3G, etc., the owner introduced that the mobile phone signal jammer has a total of three antennas, and you only need to screw the antenna on it to use it.

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