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Cell Phone Text Solicitation Block

Perfectjammer 2022-01-07

Cell Phone Text Solicitation Block

The store owner then demonstrated it, and saw that she screwed three black short rods into the antenna interface one by one, then pressed the switch, and a green indicator light at the top came on. The shop owner asked the reporter to take out his mobile phone. The reporter saw that the mobile phone signal was gone, and no matter how the reporter called, he could not get through the phone. "It can't be too far away from the machine, otherwise it will be useless." The owner reminded that the shielding range of this Cell Phone Text Solicitation Block machine is no more than 10 meters, and the principle of those big machines is the same, but the power is relatively large, and the high-power mobile phone signal jammer Can block signals within a kilometer. The reporter noticed that there is no manufacturer and certificate of conformity on the cell phone jammer package. "These are all secretly produced, how can there be a manufacturer?" The owner explained that her goods are all imported from Guangdong, and the quality must be no problem. The reporter then investigated from other electronic stores such as Liaoning Road and Weihai Road, and found that it is not difficult to buy a mobile phone signal jammer, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan.

Anyone can use it, so it's not a mess! When learning that Cell Phone Text Solicitation Block can buy at will, a citizen said worriedly, it would be even more troublesome if he couldn't dial 120 or 110 because the signal was blocked. "Citizens can report if they sell radio interference equipment without permission." The staff of the Municipal Radio Management Committee told reporters that according to the "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China" and "Regulations on Radio Management of Shandong Province", unauthorized production and sales in violation of regulations , installation or use of radio interference equipment, the radio management agency will give a warning, seal up or confiscate the equipment, and confiscate the illegal income. If economic losses are caused to others due to violation of the regulations, they shall bear civil liability for compensation in accordance with the law; those who violate the regulations on public security management will be punished by the public security organs according to law; if a crime is constituted, their criminal responsibility will be investigated according to law.

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