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Block Incoming Phone Number On Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-09

Block Incoming Phone Number On Cell Phone

Mobile phones are equivalent to a mobile 'internet cafe'. Children have no ability to discriminate pornography, gambling and drug content, and their physical and mental health is seriously infringed." "Children have poor self-control and become addicted to playing games. Some hide in their dormitory blankets and play all night." "Games", "search for answers on the Internet if you don't know how to do it, and just copy it once without asking for a complete answer"... During the interview, many teachers hated students' excessive use of mobile phones. "Primary and middle school students are in a critical period of physical and mental development. Using mobile phones will not only adversely affect their vision, cervical and lumbar spine development, causing irreversible damage, but also endanger their mental health. "Zeng Siqing, director of the Basic Education Division of the Provincial Department of Education, believes that cell phone jammer prohibiting primary and secondary school students from bringing mobile phones into the campus is an important measure taken by the Ministry of Education to attach importance to the physical and mental health of primary and secondary school students. In order to change this situation, many primary and secondary schools in our province have also introduced measures. , using Block Incoming Phone Number On Cell Phone to prohibit students from bringing mobile phones into campus, but the implementation has not been smooth.

The principal of Zhuzhou Middle School introduced that in the past, students did not cooperate with the management of mobile phones. It was not uncommon for schools and teachers to control students' mobile phones and trigger conflicts between teachers and students. "Now that we have this 'Shangfang Sword', we have the confidence to do this work." The Education Bureau of Chengbu Miao Autonomous County has worked hard to strengthen safeguards. In order to implement the prohibition of primary and secondary school students from bringing mobile phones into the campus for work, all schools uniformly purchase Block Incoming Phone Number On Cell Phone , and conduct mobile phone testing for students who come to the school every day at the school gate, and guard the first gate of the campus. At the same time, more than 300,000 yuan was invested to purchase mobile phone jammers and install them in the dormitory buildings of various schools, and shield the signal of the student dormitories from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day. "At present, the situation of students bringing mobile phones into the campus has basically been curbed, which has been widely praised by the whole society.

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