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Cell Phone Block Public Numbers

Perfectjammer 2022-01-06

Cell Phone Block Public Numbers

On the afternoon of June 6th, many candidates, accompanied by their parents, went to the test center to get familiar with the route and the specific location of the test center. In the test centers such as Hainan Huaqiao Middle School and Haikou No. 1 Middle School and Senior High School, the distribution diagrams of the examination rooms for literature, history and science and technology have been placed in conspicuous positions inside these test centers, and the shielding signal equipment such as Cell Phone Block Public Numbers has been installed on the wall, and the signs of each test room have been placed. . At the same time, each test center has set up a consultation area, if candidates have questions, they can also consult. Some test centers also specially set up rest areas for candidates, so that candidates can have a place to rest while waiting for the exam. Due to the hot weather, some test centers also provide mineral water on each floor for students to drink. With cell phone jammer 's equipment, the examination room became unusually quiet.

Inside each examination room, Cell Phone Block Public Numbers etc. have been placed. In the first examination room of Haikou No. 1 Middle School and Senior High School, the experience was carried out on the spot. When the mobile phone jammer was turned on, the mobile phone signal was immediately blocked and no more calls could be made. At the same time, each test center has a monitoring and command center, and a number of monitors are deployed according to the number of test rooms. The cameras in each test room have been modulated, and the video surveillance range can cover all candidates and invigilators in the entire test room. ”, can be found by the monitoring command center. Candidates need to pay attention that, when entering the examination room, they must first show their ID card and admission ticket. Candidates should remember to bring all the documents. When entering each examination room, there are metal detectors to check the candidates. If the candidates carry mobile phones and other objects containing metal, the metal detectors will turn red. The substance is temporarily stored. The Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau reminded that in order not to affect the admission time, candidates should try not to carry metal substances.

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