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Jammers are aimed at people who use drones to do bad things

Perfectjammer 2020-08-08

drone jammer

Drones are by far the most familiar equipment we have seen. We often see pictures of drone shots and news reports. Are drones only used for aerial photography in our lives? Of course, with the development of drone technology, the application fields of drones are becoming more and more extensive.

What we hear most is the application and exploration application in aviation. It also has more applications. We don’t often hear about drone rescues, drones (UAV) insecticides, and we rarely see Man-machine reconnaissance, etc. Drug smuggling, bombing, I didn’t see these, because we didn’t pay attention, because two similar situations posed a threat to us, so the drone jammer will be turned on.

UAVs have developed rapidly in recent years and have become popular products on the market. Drones are not only widely used in aerial photography and entertainment that we have learned, but also as the development of drones depends on the size of drones (widely used in the military field), used in agriculture and other industries All aspects of. The use of drones in military applications is particularly important. On the mechanized battlefield, drones are not only used to collect information, but also as important weapons. Therefore, the role of drone jammer in military affairs cannot be ignored.

A jammer is an electronic jammer device that sends or resends an electronic jamming signal that will damage or deceive the enemy's electronic equipment, thereby reducing its effectiveness and efficiency. It will emit electromagnetic waves to destroy and disrupt normal operation. Electronic equipment. Enemy communications and radar equipment. Jammers are divided into: transmitting pure clutter or clutter modulated signals to suppress enemy electronic equipment, obscuring communication signals or obstructing radar target echoes, and disabling the detection signal capability of clutter jammers, after appropriate processing Receiving the enemy's signal after forwarding and deceiving, confuses, and destroys the normal operation of the enemy's electronic equipment and the combined jammer with the above two functions.

According to the classification of interference graphs, active interference can be divided into squeeze interference and deception interference graphs, but the active jammers or outboard active jammers of modern ship equipment can switch between these two interference graphs at any time .

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