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Spy Equipment Cell Phone Jammer

Gutekunst Holger 2021-10-06

With the popularization of mobile phones, the requirements for Spy Equipment Cell Phone Jammer in various conferences and examinations have also been greatly increased, so of course, mobile phone signal jammers also have a wide sales market. However, most customers do not have sufficient understanding of mobile phone jammers. Usually, in order to have a better effect, they one-sidedly selectmobile phone jammers, which leads to many security risks. cell phone jammer The basic principle is to transmit electromagnetic interference based on the widescreen and expand the image of the uplink and downlink data signals on the mobile phone to shield the mobile phone from working. Therefore, it is itself a data signal transmission source. Since it is a data signal transmission source, of course there is also a radiation source.

The signal strength of mobile jammers at this stage varies from 1W to 480W according to application requirements. How strong is this signal strength? A comparison can be made. The signal strength of GSM mobile phones is 2W, and the general signal strength of GSM macro base stations is 20W-40W. The signal strength of the jammer generally used for examinations and conferences is between 10W-60W. Under normal circumstances, for general examinations and small and medium-sized conferences, choosing a Spy Equipment Cell Phone Jammer with a signal strength of 2W-10W can achieve excellent practical results. However, after everyone’s review of various colleges and key conference addresses, many areas are usually one-sided pursuit of perfect andmobile phone jammers, such as: colleges in more than one or two classrooms, each classroom A mobile phone signal jammer was installed in the inside, and the signal strength of 30W was selected. After the exam, because of the low attention to the application, it usually happens that a small amount of shielding is not obtained immediately and it is turned off immediately, which lasts for many weeks. The situation that has been sent continuously. Especially in a certain elementary and middle school, after an exam, the mobile phone signal jammer has not been turned off for 2 weeks. It was not until everyone checked the spot that the mobile phone jammer was not on the side of the podium in a classroom crowded with middle and elementary school students. The earth is opening! This really made us sweat!