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Complex signal interceptors can simultaneously intercept multiple types of networks


The communication principle of a signal blocker is that the jammer device scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during operation. In contrast, it is completely insignificant for ensuring life safety. Regarding the signal jammer mentioned by others, the energy consumption is relatively high, and the energy consumption of interference after frequency sweep is relatively low. Everyone understands that the current mobile phone frequency ranges from 800MHz to 5900MHz, and there will be future 6G frequencies or even wider frequency bands.

The functional characteristics of electromagnetic waves are determined by their frequency. In addition, if terrorists use mobile phones for communication or detonate them remotely during the communication process, the frequency scanning method cannot recognize and detect all mobile phones. Even if all the blocking modules of the signal interceptor are manually turned on, its bandwidth will be stretched too wide, and the distance of interference blocking will also be close to zero.

Early signal blockers could only block a set of frequencies, such as GSM, while complex signal blockers could simultaneously block several types of networks, such as GSM/3G/4G/5G. In the frequency hopping wireless frequency band, if the signal blocker first scans the frequency and then outputs the bandwidth, it will be blocked.

Blocker All GPS

For actual combat scenarios such as bomb dismantling and explosive disposal, if the frequency jammer first scans for suspicious frequency points and then activates interference signal suppression, there will be a time difference. Even if the time difference reaches microseconds, once there is interference to suppress the remote control signal, if it is not timely, the bomb will detonate in advance, and the consequences will be extremely serious.

Significantly wider, the shielding or interference suppression distance will be greatly reduced. Different communication systems use different frequencies to keep everyone calm and undisturbed. The current remote control interference technology can achieve broadband frequency hopping or multi frequency remote control.

In fact, the amount of energy consumed is related to preventing terrorist events. The scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the information signals received by the mobile phone, making it unable to detect normal data sent by the base station and thus unable to establish a connection with the base station. Mobile phones exhibit phenomena such as searching the internet, no signal, and no service system. Now we know that the communication method of wireless communication is to use electromagnetic waves for communication.

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