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Laser signal jammers produce light at the same wavelength as a signal from a police gun, but at a higher intensity


United Airlines Flight 1462 was grounded because two passengers quarreled during the flight. One passenger was prevented by another passenger from reclining his chair, and the other passenger refused to take his small tool knee protector off his seat. Angry and splashing, the plane was hijacked, and the two were arrested.

Several airlines have banned the use of small tools such as knee pads... but who doesn't want to protect their precious few inches of legroom? Are there other potentially morally questionable gadgets that, if not so controversial, could only make your life easier? Here are six other devices that we sometimes hope to obtain.


Velocity gun jammer

In theory, the LiDAR radar used by police to detect the speed of a moving car can be blocked by laser jamming equipment - but this is illegal. The laser signal jammers generates light with the same wavelength and higher intensity as the signal emitted by the police gun, making it powerless. Jammers are legally owned - but many owners are fined or charged with Perverting the course of justice. So don't disturb me. Watch its actual effect.

Cell phone jammer

This small tool prevents people around you from making or answering calls by preventing the phone from receiving signals from nearby base stations. Oh, the next time we're on the train and someone decides to broadcast their conversation, we really hope to use it. Unfortunately, it is illegal to block mobile transmission in the UK. However, this technology is theoretically useless when used in prisons, as prisoners are not allowed to have mobile phones

IPhone Shotgun Protective Case

This is an American invention: a smart Mobile phone case that can turn your mobile phone into an electric shock gun. The more widely known name is the yellow jacket, and the personal attack system includes a 650k electrode, which the manufacturer claims can "stop aggressive adult males". It comes with a safety lock to ensure that the electrodes are not accidentally activated in the pocket. Unfortunately, for those who enjoy the sound of this crazy gadget, a phone case/gun is illegal in the UK and owning it carries a sentence of five years in prison.


ITrip plugs into your iPod and allows you to stream music to a nearby radio. Its range is not particularly wide, but you can prevent your neighbors from receiving Radio 4. This would be illegal under the Wireless telegraphy Act of 1949.

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