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5G Desktop 10 Band Mobile Phone Jammer To Intercept DCS/PHS wifi GPS Signals


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Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model EOTXB50W
Jamming frequencies EOTXB50W:
CDMA/ GSM :870-960MHz
TD :2010-2025MHz
DCS/PHS :1805-1920MHz
3G :2110-2170MHz
4G1 :2300-2390MHz
4G/5G :2510-2690MHz
WIFI :2400-2500MHz
5GWIFI :5725-5850MHz
5G :3400-3600MHz
Jamming radius 2-50 M
Power supply AC110-240V to DC24V
Total output power 60W
Device size 22×19×5 cm
Device weight 2.5Kg
Package Contents Jammer Host x 1, AC Charger x1, high gain omni antenna x10

Product Informations

With the development of the times, the mobile phone signal is getting stronger and stronger, and the mobile phone signal has also increased from the original 2g3g4g to 2g3g4g5g, and the frequency of the mobile phone signal is more and more. The role of the old interference equipment is becoming more and more limited. So we are constantly innovating. This product can support 10 different signal frequency bands, support simultaneous interference with mobile phone, wifi, GPS and other signals; and the single-channel power can be up to 5W, effectively expanding the operating distance.

1. High-power design, single channel maximum 5W (5G frequency power is slightly lower), total maximum total power up to 50W
2. Aluminum alloy shell, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, sturdy and durable
3. The fan cooperates with the heat dissipation space and the aluminum alloy body to dissipate heat in all directions
4. It can accommodate up to 10 signal frequency bands, which can cover as many signals as possible, and can also do multiple frequency bands in a single channel, and the effect is doubled
5. Compact design, easy to place in any position without taking up space
6. One-key switch, easy to use, support 24 hours of uninterrupted work
7. Suitable for schools, conference rooms and other occasions

1.Prevent illegal and criminal activities through mobile phones, such as prisons, detention centers, labor camps, public security, courts, procuratorates and other judicial places
2. Prevent the leakage of important information or business secrets, such as real estate transaction sites, commercial conference rooms, troops and important confidential places, party and government organs, administrative institutions, major criminal cases, law enforcement sites, important security sites, etc.
3. Prevent accidents caused by mobile phones or Wifi signals, such as gas stations, chemical plants, oil depots, special goods warehouses and other storage and production places for dangerous, inflammable and explosive items
4. Prevent noise from mobile phones and other noises, in some places that need to be kept quiet, such as libraries, cinemas, theaters, concert halls, memorial halls, auditoriums, churches, etc.
5. Prevent candidates from cheating and maintain fairness and order in the school examination room and various competitions
6. Prevent factory and company personnel from playing mobile phones during work hours, effectively avoid workshop work accidents caused by playing mobile phones, and improve work efficiency, such as textile factories, etc.

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