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Many parents believe that installing jammers in schools will not solve children's Internet problems


The suggestion of the center to install interference devices in schools to restrict students from accessing pornographic websites has sparked different reactions from teachers and students in schools in different cities. Although many people believe that installing jammers in schools is not the solution, some people believe that it is a good choice because children can access the internet in several other places, including their homes and open Wi Fi areas in the city. Plan.

Teenage children are not yet mature enough to use the internet correctly. Sometimes, out of curiosity or peer pressure, they may come into contact with inappropriate content. Installing a "distractor" is a good plan, and even if someone cannot make such a mistake, moral value counseling and pressure can also affect children's behavior. We provide advice to students on the positive and negative aspects of using technology, and instill moral values in them so that they can determine good or bad, "Mishra added.


Although schools throughout the city prohibit the use of mobile phones on campus, many children still secretly bring their phones to school and are subjected to surprise inspections. School sources say that sometimes a student has more than one smartphone. Just like a driver's license, there should be a license to use smartphones, and there should be restrictions on children under a specific age who do not use these small tools. This is better than installing jammers in schools. Because there are no activities in this type of school, we will strictly comply with the confiscation of phone regulations if they discover the phone, "said Harish Sanduja, director of SAI International School.

Using smart phones will have various adverse effects on children's health: Childhood leukemia, impaired motor skills, slow reaction, headache, dizziness, fatigue, weakness and insomnia. He added that there should be strict laws in this regard. Some school authorities believe that parents should receive education and have a responsibility to protect their children from mobile phone abuse. Parents should first receive education and be vigilant about the adverse effects of smartphones on their children's psychology and health. The coverage of schools is limited because they cannot control their children's lives outside of school. All technologies have their advantages and disadvantages,

However, parents say that for safety reasons, smartphones have become a necessity for children. My son leaves at 6 in the morning and comes back from school at 8 in the evening. If I don't call him, I don't know what he's doing all day. They also need the phone and internet. They need to learn, "said Rashmirekha Dash, the mother of a 17-year-old son. Students support the installation of signal jammers, claiming that the internet or mobile devices are the main source of distraction for schools. Mobile phones can definitely distract attention and cause a lot of trouble. They can also lead to harassment, bullying, and other forms of crime,