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In an effort to curb illegal activities in prisons, Kerala recently announced that it would install cell phone jammers


Kanur: In order to curb illegal activities in prisons, the Chief Minister of Kerala recently announced that he would install cell phone jammer. However, in order for the plan to be effective, measures must be taken to prevent prisoners from coming into contact with salt! Twelve years ago, a mobile jammer was installed at Kanur Central Prison, but it could not be repaired after being damaged by prisoners using salt.

The jammer cost 2 million rupees and has only been in operation for six months. In 2007, the use of mobile devices at Kanur Central Prison became rampant, forcing the authorities to install these devices.

The main equipment of the jammer is fixed on the ground near the tower. Cables were laid between the equipment and various prisoner areas. The prisoner first attempted to disable the signal jammers by cutting off these cables. However, the authorities quickly added the broken cable.

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The prisoners were quickly informed that if the main part of the underground jammer could be destroyed, the system would not be able to function. Some prisoners with technical knowledge reported that adding salt can cause the main gear to shift out of gear.

A plan quickly hatched in the prison. Each prisoner began to collect salt provided with the meal. Salt was also stolen from the prison kitchen. Obtain sufficient salt in a few days. Then salt deposits between machines installed underground, destroying them.

Now, if the authorities want to prevent damage with ordinary salt, they must find technologically advanced jammers. The prison department has written to Keltron, hoping to find the most modern jammer from the three central prisons in the state.