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How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Using Tv Remote

Perfectjammer 2021/09/29

Because of the development trend of communication technology, my mobile communication technology has brought convenience to everyone's daily life, and the harm caused by similar places such as prison cells and detention centers has become more and more prominent. Once the mobile phone is illegally brought to the cell and put to good use, it may cause great harm to the management methods and safety of the cell, detention center and other areas. Therefore, only by creating a set of real and reasonable How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Using Tv Remote system software can we provide powerful high-tech guarantees to prison cells and detention centers. However, because of the unevenness of the sales market at this stage, many cheap mobile phone jammers are limited by performance parameters, stability, and operating standards. The key is that they are suitable for general civilian venues and are easy to use. cell phone jammer In the easy-to-use large and medium-sized places such as prison cells and detention centers, there are likely to be relative difficulties, such as the impact of opening to the outside world, and some even serious harm to mass communications.

Technically speaking, the data signal jammer is actually a small branch in the wireless network How To Make Cell Phone Jammer Using Tv Remote system, which is essentially electronic countermeasures, or so-called co-screen influence, which uses the device to transmit high-frequency data signals according to the wireless antenna to allow When the mobile phone receives the data signal of the decline, it causes the error code and cannot recognize and the network access license. The mobile phone shows no network status, and the signal shielding regulations are implemented; for the signal shielding on the mobile phone, everyone knows that it will affect the decline, but because of the technical cost A series of factors such as cost, price, manufacturing, etc. cannot guarantee that it will only affect the decline. Therefore, some illegal manufacturers do not make precise frequency range adjustments in order to better improve the actual effect. This can indeed further improve the interference ability, and has the actual effect of crooking and correcting, but it gives up the rights of the masses; the data signal in the same room, different parts and different times may have great changes, which can be done based on specific work experience. Up to and including 10dBm, the conversion pass rate is 10 times apart. It is not difficult to see that the shielding of mobile phone jammers is actually an engineering project with high technical standards, and it is not something that can be dealt with by simply purchasing a signal jammer and installing it independently. On-site surveys, power calculation formulas, engineering construction design schemes, machinery and equipment adjustments are all closely linked.