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Materials Block Cell Phone Radiation

David Bsyl 2022/3/23

Cell phones are common on college campuses. It will become a modern communication tool. Very convenient for daily life. However, it led to problems with classroom rules. To manage students, the school has installed Materials Block Cell Phone Radiation in some classrooms. Some universities have cell phone jammers installed by school administrators. In the future, we will further expand the field of management of classroom cut-off signals. We plan to introduce a method to increase student efficiency. To strengthen school management. You can use a wireless signal jammer. The performance of the cell phone jammer is very good. There is a problem with monitoring. This time there is a way to detect a good signal. Safety is very important. It can be used to operate wireless signal detectors. This is one of the most efficient and effective ways to monitor the safety and security of your commercial facility. You can prevent misconduct. You can find signals in the range of 0.1m-20m.

With the conclusion of the political and historical exams yesterday, more than 20,000 candidates in our city successfully completed the "first exam in life". The examination room turned into a sea of ​​flowers, and the most rigorous and warmest senior high school entrance examination in history, jointly created by more than 20 departments in the city, came to a successful conclusion. Yesterday, 24,367 candidates in our city completed the high school entrance examination. This year, these kids are mingling with computers as originally wished. They were arranged in 11 test centers across the city. Parents and teachers of many candidates accompany the exam. very warm. Speaking of this year's most stringent high school entrance examination, there is no ambiguity at all. Every candidate goes through a number of checks before entering the examination room. A new Materials Block Cell Phone Radiation is added to each test center. This "anti-cheating artifact" can block 4G and WIFI functions. It is as big as a book and sits on the podium in each exam room. Generally not obvious. In addition, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology also dispatched mobile radio inspection vehicles to inspect, inspect and suppress key test areas and test sites. Fundamentally making high-tech cheating "impossible".