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Why are signal jammers so important

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

The purpose of a signal jammer is to interrupt a communication link (or network) between two or more "partners" when they try to talk to each other or pass some data between them. Jamming the communication link between uavs and their operators is a special case. We can attempt to jam communications between cellular and base stations, between two tactical radios, between the bomb and the remote control used to activate it, etc.

To shield the signal, the jammer emits RF power (CW + modulation) at the same frequency as the enemy's link or network. The enemy receiver (the "listening" party) will receive both Jammer and partner transmissions. The strong shall prevail; If the jammer has more power than the partner, the listener will not be able to "understand" the message/data correctly. Alternatively, if the power of the partner is higher than the power of the jammer, the listener may be able to "understand" the message/data correctly, and communication links between the partners will continue uninterrupted.

Sometimes, the jamming signal that reaches the receiver input may be lower than the communication (" partner ") signal and still prevail. This is happening because the receiver usually needs some "margin" between the two signals at its input to be able to interpret one (usually the stronger one). In advanced communication systems, however, this "margin" can sometimes even be negative (meaning the communication signal may be much lower than the jamming signal), and the receiver can still interpret the "partner" signal, making jamming harder to do.

Typically, in counter-drone applications, the goal is to jam the drone at a distance of several hundred meters from a sensitive area/perimeter (where the signal shield is installed). For example, we want a drone that is 300 meters away from the signal shield and flies at an altitude of 10 meters. Understandably, in this case, the diagonal distance between the signal blocker and the Drone is roughly the same as the horizontal distance between them. So, to simplify things, we're going to talk about horizontal distances, and we're not going to bother ourselves with calculating the exact distance, because the differences are very small.