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Cell Phone Microphnone Block

Perfectjammer 2021/11/26

Modern car thieves use GPS signal jammers. It overwhelmed the signal to report location information to the stolen vehicle tracking service. Various other fraudulent activities have also been reported. This is not difficult at all. You can find products that cost less than $30 by searching for jammers in Google Shopping. Gurdian’s article stated that it is illegal to sell and use these products in the UK and Germany. It does not have to be a super powerful Cell Phone Microphnone Block . If you just want to block the reception of satellite signals, 2 watts of power is sufficient. Bob Cockshott of Digital Systems KTN, a British company specializing in cyber security, said at a conference in the United Kingdom that he "saw a 25-watt light bulb about 16,000 kilometers away from an artificial satellite" regarding the weakness of the GPS signal. Like that. "Criminals are not the only ones using this technology. The company's employees who are tracking its cars are also using it to make it unrecordable. According to an article in the Guardian, German truck drivers are evading "GPS-based tolls." System". Have you ever encountered such a situation and feel uncomfortable? People talk loudly on their phones on buses and trains, people talking in cinemas and theaters, people cheating on their phones during exams, etc. Some people There is no such morality. cell phone jammer

If you have a cell phone jammer, you can rest assured. Press the switch on Cell Phone Microphnone Block to prevent their misbehavior! It is camouflaged and pocket-sized, so you don't have to worry about it coming out. Easy to use, just press the switch! Since there is no need to install or update, it is very easy to manage! You can buy a device online for about $30 and use a little technology to shield military GPS (Satellite Positioning System) signals. This is well known, it is not a military secret. North Korea seems to take advantage of this weakness. Despite the denial by the US Department of Defense, the South Korean military reported that during the US-South Korea joint military exercise in March this year, a US reconnaissance plane was forced to make an emergency landing due to a radio wave shielding device secretly released by North Korea. South Korea is said to be. North Korea has been nervous about joint exercises with large-scale troops gathered near the border. Cheap and easily available GPS jammers are attractive devices for North Korea. It does not require much energy and cost, but it has a great effect of confusing the other party. However, so far, there has not been a case of serious damage to the US and South Korean forces caused by North Korea’s deliberate sabotage.