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Thefts of SUVs in the private market of Hesbaye police district

Tara ABBOTT 2023/02/24

  Police districts have seen a real explosion in SUV thefts for several months. The Hesbaye Police District is making sure it's prudent to "end this real pandemic". “Check your insurance contract carefully. Finally, it is advisable to opt for a geolocation system, which will allow you to know exactly where your stolen vehicle is, making it easier to find it.


  This isn't the only Belgian region where thieves are rampant. It stops waves thanks to the principle of a Faraday cage. She can then get into the vehicle and can start it like in the previous example. When the car owner got off the car and wanted to lock the car, someone nearby blocked the car lock signal sent by the remote control with a car remote control signal jammer. "Our findings and investigations have allowed us to establish that the perpetrators of these acts used a special technology that amplifies and reproduces the signal (permanently emitted by it) from the key, which is usually left in the entrance hall," the police said. on a piece of furniture. "

  Once the thug tricks the car into thinking the ignition key is nearby, always using the same technique but following a different modus operandi, thieves can attack a car parked in a parking lot in broad daylight. They are particularly popular with thugs who use "mousejacking" ("mouse theft") techniques, which involve using a tablet to remotely reprogram a car's computer system, police previously reported.

  Police advise SUV owners to park in enclosed areas if possible, make sure the vehicle is locked by checking the door handles, place an anti-theft bar on the steering wheel if possible and store the keys in a metal box. Similar cases have occurred, for example, near Mouscron and in France. At the time, Hesbaye Police District "only" said there had been a surge, but it is now clear that it would be more accurate to describe it as an "explosion of cases" and spread across Belgian territory.

  Some companies make it more difficult to pay without a burglary," adds the police. This concerns the entire Belgian territory. After investigations, the police found that the gangsters used particularly sophisticated techniques. We explain to you how they work and how to protect against them approx. Two months after the Herspinion police warned the public about an increase in SUV thefts in the Liège region, this time they went further.