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Its small size, light weight, can carry around the GPS jammers


  In September 2019, a pilot on a small business plane reported encountering a GPS signal jammer on a flight to New Mexico.If you want to use a jammer anywhere (not just in your car), you'll need to buy a portable cell phone jammer.They are small and light, so you can keep them in your pocket or purse.

small weight aportable jammer

  The pilot wrote on landing, “When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) abandoned [supported ground radios], we became dependent on unreliable navigation systems.The first time you use a jammer, keep in mind that it is very easy to use, and use it: just press the ON button to start working and protect yourself.

  For example, we can track a car's route using GPS, but sometimes we want to hide that information.If you want to protect your privacy and avoid tracking, we recommend that you connect the GPS frequency inhibitors to your car and install them in your car.Because of its compact size and lightweight, you can carry GPS jammers with you.

  In addition, we have a more powerful multifunctional encryption engine that can block both GPS and mobile signals and WiFi internet connections.High-tech has brought us real life, but at the same time, our freedom has been restricted.He also noted that he and other agencies are working to develop a long-term GPS backup solution that again offers location, navigation, and timing to minimize the impact of missing GPS.

  He could hear that the surrounding planes were also affected, and some of them were forced to descend for safety reasons.People can use this cell phone signal blocker anywhere: in churches, temples, schools, universities, hospitals, gas stations, gas stations, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, etc.