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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Signal Jammers


What is a signal shield?

A signal blocker is a device that prevents signal reception between a signal tower and a mobile phone. These devices were developed for the military and law enforcement departments, initially to deal with threats such as explosives triggered by mobile phones and hostage taking.

How does the signal shield work?

Signal jammers are called mobile phone signal jammers, signal blockers, GPS jammers or text blockers. They block the radio frequencies in specific areas, thus causing a signal block, which blocks all communications. Just like the radio silence bubble, as long as the user is within the range of the mobile signal blocker, he or she cannot send or receive any phone calls or SMS messages.

8 Bands Jamming Device

Why do you use a cell phone signal blocker?

Users of this technology believe that signal jammer devices are necessary in many places where humans seem unable to comply with the widely accepted rules of appropriate cell phone etiquette. Think of schools, theaters, cars or other quiet trains... almost all places where talking, texting, streaming media, etc. may be considered destructive or even dangerous.

Does the signal shield prevent the signal intensifier?

Yes, the mobile signal jammer will interfere with your signal intensifier. The signal intensifier works by amplifying the existing signal, but if the cellular signal is blocked, no matter how strong it is, the signal jammer will produce interference.

How to stop the signal jammer?

Unless you can physically locate the jammer itself (usually looks like a walkie talkie, mobile phone or wireless router) and disable it, blocking the signal jammer is not your most feasible option.

If you are proficient in technology and can switch the frequency of mobile phone operation, you may also work around the jammer for some luck. But it really depends on the complexity of the jammer that blocks your signal.

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