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GPS tracker is not vulnerable to hacker attacks

Perfectjammer 2023/01/03

  As more aspects of our lives continue to be digitized, hacker attacks will only become more common.However, if the power is too low, it is not easy to interfere with the GPS locator outside the car, and the position of the boot is not easy to be interfered.After testing, it can interfere with the locator installed in the car.A shield is installed in the car to interfere with the locator.One is to find out and remove it.There are only two ways to crack it.The signal announcement period may be very short, and it is difficult to capture the instant loss.

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  This makes the device very safe from hackers.Under normal circumstances, a location information is transmitted tens of seconds or minutes away.Let's try to visit a certain treasure and some offline manufacturers to check the true level of the GPS locators industry.In order to test the detection industry, wireless vehicle GPS locators and wired vehicle GPS locators are installed in the vehicle respectively.Dismantling the GPS locators is not as simple as we thought.The defect is that the equipment is a bit laborious, and you need to know more about the car circuit to be able to supply the equipment.

  The frequency is 900MHz - 1800MHz, that is, the mobile phone signal frequency.More importantly, the GPS tracker will not be connected to wifi, cellular data, or any external object that allows hackers to track it.The tracker is not only difficult to crack, but also very unpopular.GPS trackers cannot store any personal data, bank details, images or messages, making them meaningless targets.No information can be obtained from the device except location data.More importantly, unlike smartphones, you can't see who has registered a GPS tracker online, and no one knows who or what is being tracked Wired vehicle mounted GPS locator is to connect the locator to the car power supply indirectly, which can supply power forever.

  The other is to shield it with signal jammer so that it cannot work properly.Compared with devices such as smartphones or laptops, GPS trackers are less vulnerable to hacker attacks.Since the only function of the GPS tracker is to process the information transmitted by GPS satellites, there is no outbound signal that can be eavesdropped, no phone that can be penetrated, and no IP address that can be tracked.On the other hand, our mobile phones and laptops contain more information, account details, addresses, etc.which makes them ideal targets for hacker attacks.

  Unless two shields are installed in the front and back, but the power is too high, it is also harmful to the human body, and the phone is also interfered, so it is not easy to receive and transmit informationNetwork attacks are rapidly becoming one of the most common modern crimes.We often use GPS trackers to protect our most valuable property and loved ones.Are they as easy to be hacked as most other technologies? Since GPS tracker is a considerable investment, customers must know that the devices they receive have strong hacker attack defense capabilities and data protection capabilities.