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Evaluation for cell phone jammer

Perfectjammer 2019-03-27

With the development of communication technology, mobile phone has become an essential tool in our daily work and life. But the wide application of mobile phone also brought about vital problems. For example, as a new noise pollution source, mobile phone interferes with your normal working order; as a new insecure factor, mobile phone brings hidden unsafe troubles to some places such as oil station, gas filled station, etc. In addition, mobile phone eavesdropping and tracking is also a matter that can not be ignored. Such wiretaps are the main means of stealing trade secrets in the United States

That is why now need to use a cell phone jammer. Then I take a simple test the device. I ordered a jammer on the website on February 15, 2019. A week later, I received my goods. I started testing. After turning on the device, I found that the signal of my mobile phone disappeared quickly. After proving that the equipment worked properly, I conducted a distance test. I started trying to jam through the walls. It is proved that although the interference can be carried out, the interference distance is greatly affected. After testing, I found that the interference distance is about 5-40 meters. In the absence of any obstacles, the maximum interference range can be reached.