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How To Make A Powerful Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/8

In order to prevent students from cheating on their mobile phones during exams and using mobile phones to send text messages and surf the Internet during class, a middle school made the helpless measure of installing How To Make A Powerful Cell Phone Jammer in the teaching building, which caused parents’ concerns about “harmful to students’ health”. Of course, parents can relax their minds in the end, because the experts in the electromagnetic room of the Beijing Radiation Environment Management Center have made it clear that cell phone jammer It will not affect the body of teachers and students, and the school has expressed a more cautious attitude that after a period of time, after "students are used to not using mobile phones in class", the mobile phone jammer will be turned off.

In this small dispute, the helplessness of the school pursuing the quality of teaching and the panic of the parents who cared for their children were all at a glance. But the "safe ending" of the story did not solve the problem that the school originally wanted to solve. The core of the problem is: how to make students abide by the school rules that prohibit the use of mobile phones in class, and devote themselves to learning! Students play with mobile phones in class, and there are clear pros and cons. Have parents repeatedly clarified this to their children? We can understand the original intention of parents to buy mobile phones for their children, but is it really difficult for parents to exert any influence on their children playing mobile phones in class? At the very least, when dealing with this issue, parents did not express their doubts and concerns in dozens of posts in the "Parent Discussion Community" of the middle school as they did with How To Make A Powerful Cell Phone Jammer .