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Cell Phone Charger Block Diagram

Perfectjammer 2021/11/12

Cell Phone Charger Block Diagram And cameras are installed in the examination room; there are mobile radio monitoring vehicles and a large number of monitoring equipment outside the examination room. In order to prevent cheating in the college entrance examination this year, our city used a lot of high-tech equipment during the examination period to escort the 2012 college entrance examination. On the morning of June 7, the joint law enforcement team of the Municipal Radio Administration and Public Security Bureau took a mobile radio monitoring vehicle to conduct roving inspections on 8 test sites in the city. The results showed that the electronic environment around the test room was normal and no abnormalities were found. The law enforcement officers first came to the entrance of the city's second high school test site. In the mobile radio monitoring vehicle, the monitoring personnel turned on the mobile phone jammer, portable direction finder, omnidirectional antenna and other equipment, and kept recording information. The monitoring staff said that all electronic information monitoring systems have entered the "first-level guard state". As long as there is an abnormal signal in the examination room, the location of the cheater will be quickly locked. cell phone jammer

At the city’s No. 1 high school test site, the head of the monitoring station of the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau told reporters: “Today, our city has used advanced testing methods. The monitoring vehicle continuously inspects test sites in the city to ensure that there are no problems with the electronic environment in all test sites." Near many test sites, many parents of test takers are also interested in advanced electronic testing equipment. When everyone learned about the purpose of the electronic Cell Phone Charger Block Diagram equipment deployed in our city, they expressed their praise and support. A parent surnamed Li said: "With so many high-tech equipment as protection, you are not afraid of individual people's brains. Candidates can take the exam under the premise of fairness and fairness."