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6 Bands High Powe Signal Jammer

$919.80$530.89 Product Details

Sometimes, we are often troubled by call noise or unpleasant songs or videos played on 4G or Wi-Fi networks. In this case, this portable jammer  can help me stop these signals and stop unpleasant experiences, and teach them a lesson. I also drive frequently on business trips. Therefore, I have to use a jammer to hide my location to block the GPS tracker. I am very satisfied with this powerful jammer.

Review 6 Bands High Powe Signal Jammer

Date Added: 01/21/2021 by Clark Adam

This shame is cool, I bought it a few weeks ago and I can say it works well. This is the device I have been looking for. Delivery is also very fast, which I appreciate. thank you very much! provide.

Date Added: 12/16/2020 by Balic Zack

The product is compact and easy to carry. It can block multiple frequency bands and has a large interference range, which is worth buying.

Date Added: 11/29/2020 by Kasper Larsen Henrik

When I am driving on the road, the jammer can help me block the GPS tracker and hide my whereabouts. In addition, when I am at home, jammers may block the WiFi frequency and create a more comfortable environment for me.

Date Added: 10/20/2020 by Hudson Michael

The customer service is really great, please help me find this mini jammer as soon as possible, thank you very much!

Date Added: 09/29/2020 by ENGLISH RON

Jammers are very convenient and can interfere with various frequency bands. And turn on or turn off the corresponding frequency band according to your needs. The only disadvantage is that the frequency band switching is too small.

Date Added: 09/20/2020 by Perez Jose

It also comes with a Velcro strap, so it can be tied to an arm or leg. It has a DIP switch, so any signal frequency band can be turned on/off without affecting other frequency bands.

Date Added: 09/03/2020 by james mike

This jammer is very suitable for use in movie theaters, shops and other public places. It doesn’t seem to work properly while driving (trying to block other drivers’ phones). When used for more than 10 minutes, the device does get hot (very hot). The battery can last for 1.5 to 2 hours. If you plan to buy a jammer for use in a vehicle, to interfere with other drivers' calls, please check the car device (not the portable device).

Date Added: 08/21/2020 by Crews Danny

I was surprised by this wonderful interference. In fact, this is just what I need. Jammers now rarely include 6 antennas. I was lucky to find this item. It works well.

Date Added: 07/29/2020 by Danciu Gabriel

Portable devices do get hot, so make sure you buy a protective cover. It may not get all phones, especially cheap phones that people have used for years, but BlackBerry phones and newer phones are easy targets.

Date Added: 03/06/2020 by Kitchel Jeffrey

Special design and shape, effective blocking frequency range. Strong scope of work. Received within 4 days, just power on and test, you can lock my iPhone 8

Date Added: 03/01/2020 McGuinn Danielle

After testing the interference distance and cooling system, I am very satisfied.