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5 Bands Handheld All Cell Phone Jammer

$677.53 $339.89 Product Details

I received this portable jammer  last week and tested it immediately. It can effectively block 3G, 4G, Wifi2.4G and GPS signals. Using it is also very practical, because I can choose one or two frequencies that need to be blocked. Great!

Review 5 Bands Handheld All Cell Phone Jammer

Date Added: 01/08/2021 by Andrei Popa

Once you start using this annoying device, these annoying phone calls will drop dramatically.

Date Added: 12/14/2020 by Hannan Lewis

The jammer provided by the seller is of good quality and can effectively block the above frequencies. A very trustworthy seller

Date Added: 11/03/2020 by Blake Christopher

Send it home super fast! Used in traffic during my daily commute. When other people's phones are not working, I like the confused expressions on other drivers' faces! I want longer battery life. When the price drops, I hope to switch to a 4G jammer!

Date Added: 10/06/2020 by Al huneidi Bashar

What a progress! I have used the portable model for a while and upgraded to that model when I saw it because the laptop is still running. The device not only keeps cool, but also has a better range. Thank you! Very practical equipment. Easy to wear. Haha, the only downside is that the tuning switch is too small for me!

Date Added: 09/18/2020 by Tagg Nick

It works well, is smaller, and looks like a battery... Now, I can quietly read books in the library, participate in meetings and no phone rings. The jammer works similarly to the instructions on the website.

Date Added: 09/11/2020 by Montalvo John

Tired of customers barcode-encoding smartphone apps, and then beat me in price ~ no more information! Perfect work 30-40 range

Date Added: 08/12/2020 by Velez Vanessa

It is very satisfying to buy such a jammer at such a price. Its performance far exceeded expectations.

Date Added: 05/22/2020 by Simona Petre

Anonymously help those who cannot help themselves with telephone etiquette. laxative.

Date Added: 04/12/2020 by Gabriel Danciu

My mother got GSM mytouch 4G from t mobile, and it works very well, because the t mobile tower in my area is closer to sprint than me, so I need to be closer to the jam.