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Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

On March 7, 2019, radio management agency of dazhou city, sichuan province organized a meeting of "dazhou standard management work on cell phone jammer", which put forward requirements on how to further strengthen the standardized management of mobile phone signal blockers in schools of the city and prevent the occurrence of man-made interference in public communication events. Dazhou economy and information technology bureau party members, deputy director wang jun and other leaders attended the meeting. More than 30 persons attended the meeting, including municipal confidentiality bureau, municipal education bureau, sichuan university of arts and sciences, dazhou no.1 middle school, China mobile, China telecom, China unicom dazhou branch, and economic and information bureau of counties (cities, districts). Dazhou city radio management section chief wang qiang presided over the meeting.

Conference, dazhou radio monitoring station stationmaster to tao first conveyed dazhou by letter to the personnel bureau and the municipal education bureau jointly issued the notice on standardization management of mobile phone signal shielding device, detailed interpretation of the new "law of the People's Republic of China on administrative regulations on radio set without authorization to use stations and frequency of the relevant terms, and the ministry of information industry on it is prohibited to illegally notice the development and production and use of radio interference equipment related regulations, on the last three months schools misuse blockers cause three telecommunication operators in residential district 2635 base station interference, And give an example to illustrate the serious interference caused by the school's non-standard management. Asked out for the responsible for comrades site to join by the sichuan liberal arts college, dazhou first middle school, city bureau of education, by the trust, watchdog, administrative, three major telecommunications operators, various counties (city, area) taught by letter bureau, bureau, administrative, by the open area by the bureau, social affairs and related schools of "using the management school cell phone jammers" QQ group, hope the relevant units at the same time the leadership attaches great importance to the use of shielding device specification tube is changed, the related school in time to pull in this QQ group, give full play to the important role of QQ group.

Luo haiying, director of the inspection center of the municipal confidentiality bureau, has put forward three requirements for the confidentiality management of shielding devices. The second is to strictly implement the system of shielding ledger filing and reporting; Third, we should establish and improve the cooperation mechanism, improve the long-term mechanism, and coordinate with various parties to ensure the standardized management and use of mobile phone signal blockers. City education bureau basic education section chief rao yilin put forward four requirements: first, the relevant schools must establish a mobile phone signal shielding device use ledger, standardized management; Second, the relevant schools must assume the obligation of reporting, implement synchronous reporting to avoid omission; Third, to cooperate with the municipal bureau of economy and information technology to establish a cooperation mechanism, and work together to make good use of the process system; Fourth, the municipal bureau of economics and information technology should conduct periodic supervision and inspection to ensure the standardized management of the shielding work in place.

Wang jun stressed that relevant units should attach great importance to the standardized management and use of mobile phone signal shielding devices in accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, strictly set up a ledger filing system, strictly supervise and inspect, strengthen communication and coordination, form a joint management of the work situation, and jointly maintain the good air wave order in dazhou.