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Do Stores Block Cell Phone Signals Improve Meeting Quality

Perfectjammer 2022/04/07

Blocking the signal is by no means a permanent solution to clearing the style and discipline of meetings, nor is it a substitute for oversight. The director of the Integrity Research Center of the University of Science and Technology Beijing believes that the original intention of shielding the conference signal is to keep the content of the conference confidential and maintain the order of the venue. If you replace supervision with Do Stores Block Cell Phone Signals shielding, you will distort the original purpose of purge. Behind the formalism, it often reflects that individual party members and leading cadres lack a sense of responsibility and responsibility. Participants are naturally willing to listen carefully to meetings that are really important, necessary, and informative; while for those formal, complex, and lengthy meetings, they have to cut off the network signal and keep thinking. " cell phone jammer can improve the quality of meetings, we can't pin our hopes on signal shielding, but also work hard on management.

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