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Mini Portable Mobile Cell Phone Gsm 3G Signal Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/11

Mini Portable Mobile Cell Phone Gsm 3G Signal Jammer is installed in the classroom where the child is. At first, I thought it was used to prevent students from cheating during the high school entrance examination, but it is still in use. Many parents in this school are worried that the electromagnetic waves emitted by such mobile phone interference devices will endanger the health of their children. Parents worry that electromagnetic waves harm their children’s health, and the posts about “mobile phone jammers” in the “Parents Discussion Community” surrounding this middle school on the Internet are hot. cell phone jammer Dozens of posts expressed opinions on the school’s practices.

A netizen who claimed to be a parent said that the school cleaner once told her that Mini Portable Mobile Cell Phone Gsm 3G Signal Jammer was installed in every classroom. In the school corridor, her cell phone signal was only two bars, and it was full when it came out; the child said that there was no cell phone signal at all during the three days of the mid-term exam. It must have increased the interference during the exam, and there is still interference now. We, parents, must be aware of this hazard.” Another netizen said, “The basic principle of this instrument is to use electromagnetic waves to interfere with mobile phone signals, so that short-distance and long-term electromagnetic waves are harmful to the body. Once the equipment is quality If there is a problem, the consequences will be serious. Moreover, as long as the power of this kind of equipment is increased (electromagnetic waves are strong), the interference effect will be good. Unscrupulous manufacturers generally use this method to reduce costs." The school said