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5G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

10 Bands Cell Phone 5G Jammer GPS

It truly blocks the key fob signal and keeps my phone safe as well. The outer pocket doesn't have the rfid blocking so I keep my house keys in there. I also purchased several of the celol phone jammer products to use for traveling and not a single one of them blocked the signal. I sent them all back and they were expensive! This device is worth every penny. It's so effective that even if the cover is even slightly closed and not velcro-tight, it still blocks the signal. I used it to replace the cheap bag provided with my toll transponder. Works well, good looking, and now I can keep it within reach in the car for when I need to put it up...

Date Added: 06/24/2019 by Blake Hemingway

5G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

TX-100 Powerful 10 Bands 5G Cell Phone Blocker

Cellphone would lose battery power at night when not in use. Using this cell phone jammer seems to hold battery power level at point. It works perfectly and actually looks nice. There are cheaper ones on other shop, but I was willing to pay a few dollars more for something a little more stylish...

Date Added: 06/24/2019 by Zero Christiana

5G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

5G 4G LTE Desktop Cell Phone Jammers

This cell phone jammer worked exactly as promised. It feels like it is made okay. I bought this to transport items such as homeopathic medicine and essential oils through airports because X-rays may affect their content. I am very pleased with it. It is very light and discreet. If you are concerned with your privacy and want to make sure, no one picks your information, this device is as great item to have a private and confidential talks...

Date Added: 06/22/2019 by Jean Pullman

Cellphone Blocker

CDMA GSM 3G Cell Phone Signals Jamming Device

Oh, we were getting about 10 junk calls per day in this busy Washington D.C. Metro area. We are about to ditch our landline because I was so tired of it. Decided to try this device and the junk calls have remarkedly decreased about 95%. Our phone is eerily silent; however the real calls are getting through. I just programmed the cell phone jammer as instructed which was very simple to do and it sure seems to be catching the calls. The rare junk call that gets through is using the local area code as a spoof which is the latest thing to make you pick up, but then I can just press the button and block the number. It is amazing so far how many calls are being is a big help and makes for a much quieter house...

Date Added: 05/16/2019 by Jeff Anna

Cellphone Blocker

E031 GSM 3G GPS WiFi Handheld Blocking Device

I was getting tired of all the junk phone calls I was getting every day and my brother had a cell phone jammer and recommended it to me as to a way to solve or at least reduce my problem. On his recommendation I purchased mine a few weeks ago and it has been great. Most of the junk calls have stopped and the few that still come I block manually...

Date Added: 05/16/2019 by Godfery Wright

Small Size Blocker

2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer Handhled Portable E06

This cell phone jammer really does a great job. Easy to use. Blocks all kinds of calls. well worth the money. I bought 1 of these for myself , was very pleased with how it works , I reordered 1 for a friend . unlike Panasonic phones which claim to block calls , but don't .. they only block 30 #'s . & they let your phone ring once then hangs up on the caller. the caller thinks he reached you , but you just hung up . plus robo calls know they reached a live # once your phone rings , they keep calling you over & over...making matters worst cas , the robo caller will keep trying different times of day & night to see when you will answer . it keeps track of how many times each ph. # tries to call you .. blocks large groups of #'s such as no name , no number , robo calls , international ,blocked #'s ,so easy to use . you don't have to be home to block #'s . you can review #'s when you get home then block them . if you block someone by mistake , you can easily unblock them...

Date Added: 05/16/2019 by Montague Birrell

Small Size Blocker

Mini Portable E06 GSM 3G 4G WiFi Signal Blocker

This is the best purchase I have made since I replaced my SUV with a Pickup!!! We received unwanted calls almost every day some starting at 6AM. Since use this cell phone jammer, my telephone rings only for the calls we want. The others have disappeared entirely. I finally have complete control of my telephone. Where has this been all my life? I spend my days training and riding horses. Prior to this purchase, when I return home in the evening, I would look at all the calls that would have disturbed me and erase them...

Date Added: 05/15/2019 by Barret Strachey

Desktop Jammers

Powerful E08 Portable Mobile GSM 3G 4G Jammer

The cell phone jammer has to be the coolest invention ever! My office, which is in Texas, has been using this device for 3 days. The robo calls have disappeared completely. Bye, bye Google. Only 4 telemarketers have gotten through in 3 days, and those were quickly blocked. My husband and I have a service business and, if we want to stay competitive, we need to answer every call. Even watching for area codes does not help cull out telemarketers since most people keep their mobile number when they move, so even a call that appears to be out of state, could be a local resident needing service. At Last, Victory is Mine!! Thank you, cell phone jammer...

Date Added: 05/15/2019 by Gwendolyn Barnard

Desktop Jammers

E08 Powerful 8 Bands GPS WiFi 3G 4G LTE Blocker

This product is AMAZING !!! Before we bought this device we were receiving anywhere from 15 to 25 robo calls a day. It was very frustrating and we even considered cancelling our home phone. After we use this cell phone jammer we actually thought that our phone had gone dead. The silence was deafening :-) That's all there was to it. We wish that we had purchased this much sooner...

Date Added: 05/15/2019 by Alfred Meg

Desktop Jammers

8 Bands Strong Heat Dissipation GPS WiFi Signal Blocker

This thing has been nothing short of amazing! We got this cell phone jammer about 3 weeks ago and installed it right away. Install was VERY easy! We have our TV, internet and phone through Comcast, so we hooked up the call blocker by going from the modem, to the call blocker, then to the phone. We haven't had any issues with our caller ID or calls from blocked numbers ringing once before being blocked. In the almost 3 weeks since installation, we went from 5+ annoying calls per day to virtually zero. I work at home and it's supremely annoying when the phone rings while I'm in the middle of something. It's especially annoying when it's one of those "survey" calls. I find that I'm much more productive and a lot less aggravated...

Date Added: 05/15/2019 by Novia Gosse

5 Bands Cellphone Jammer

8341HA-5 3G 4G Mobile GPS WiFi Handheld Jammer

I like it a lot. Having repeatedly reported robocalls to only to have the number of calls increase, I was really fed up with people I had no interest in talking to or listening to dialing my number. When I saw the cell phone jammer, I had to try it. So far, so good. When doing this, I can view the number of times a blocked call has been blocked. I can't describe the satisfaction I get when I see a number that has been blocked multiple times. As I said when I started, I really like this device a lot...

Date Added: 05/15/2019 by Linda Minnie

5 Bands Cellphone Jammer

Gold Type 5 Bands Portabale GPS WiFi 4G Jammer

Since I use this cell phone jammer and learned its' little nuances it has blocked all numbers required. I had a political party from the DC area that called me constantly even though we had asked them not to. Any time I would block one number from them they would use another. It appears they had an unlimited resource of numbers from a particular area code. Since I had no relatives from there I blocked that area code and it has been quite peaceful. Oh, they still try to call as I can look at a missed call list on my phone system. I smile every time I see they've tried to reach me and it has been blissfully quiet...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Roxanne Virginia

Adjustable Power Blocker

16 Bands Powerful Desktop Jamming Device

So far the cell phone jammer is working great. Once the call blocker was set up Incoming nuisance calls immediately declined by about two thirds. Apparently the 5K prerecorded blocked numbers that come with the Call Blocker did that job. Usually I would get 4 telemarketing calls on Monday mornings by noon. None were received the first Monday after installation of the Call Blocker. Those were calls I could not block with the call blocker that came with my landline set. This block works great for all the calls requesting political contributions with no number showing. Also included with the Blocker was an app to block calls on my cell if needed. The fact that the phone doesn't ring at all with this blocker is a blessing. So far the jamming device is my new best friend...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Penny Clement

Adjustable Power Blocker

16 Bands Super Large Jamming Range Device

If you have an elderly parent the last thing you want is for them to undergo any unnecessary stress. Harassing telemarketers and misdialed numbers can be a source of stress for an elderly person for many reasons. This cell phone jammer device not only provides them with the ability to see the number calling them it also provides an easy way for them to permanently or temporarily block that number that is calling. Makes a great birthday gift...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Norman Wyclif

Tactical Jammer Device

Military 6 Bands Hidden Type WiFi GPS Jammer

live with and care for two disabled elderly relatives who were being absolutely bombarded with robocalls, scammers and telemarketers. At the very least five or more calls, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. We never were actually scammed but the constant interruptions were causing chaos. I tried blocking with our handsets but they just weren't robust enough to stop the problem. Exasperated, I found this cell phone jammer and gave it a shot. Some here are saying that it doesn't seem to work well with U.S. phone systems but I haven't found that to be the case in our situation...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Agnes Paul

Tactical Jammer Device

6 Bands Military Hidden Handheld GPS WiFi Jammer

I have been averaging at least four unwanted calls each day. Telling these people that your number is on the National Do Not Call List does not stop them. I did not want to change my telephone number and pay to have it unlisted. I read about the cell phone jammer online, and I decided to buy it. Set up took about three minutes. I then tested it out by using my cell phone to call myself. I blocked my cell number. The jamming device worked. My land line did not even ring. In fact, I have not received a single unwanted call since I hooked it up to my phone line. If you are fed up with telephone solicitors, buy the device...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Natalie Carrie

8 Bands Portable Jammer

8 Bands 3G 4G Mobile Phone Handheld Cheap Jammer

After using the cell phone jammer for over 2 months now we are as pleased as as the day we started using the product, perhaps more so. It has been very effective in blocking all types of unwanted calls. Since our jamming device is located on a floor of the house different from that where we spend most of our time, we appreciate how easy it is to block calls directly from our wireless phones. The only real issues we have noted are 1, too many people and businesses fail to properly activate their caller ID, and 2, scammers are very effective in disguising or spoofing their identity so sometimes it takes time to effectively block their calls. The other issue is how little effort our representatives in Congress are applying to eliminating ROBO callers. You can help by lending your voice to the Consumer Report effect in this area. Also, do not answer any call unless you know FOR SURE who the caller is...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Bernard Emma

8 Bands Portable Jammer

2018 Most Popular Handheld Signal Jammer

We were having a very bad week with robocalls and had to unplug our phone for peace. I had reviewed several call blockers but the cell phone jammer seemed to be the best product for what I was looking for. It took less than a minute to connect it, and less than an hour for the robocalls to restart. Stopping the calls was as simple as pressing a button. We finally have peace and quite and the only calls that rings are the numbers that we have elected previously and stored. It does not interfere with any of our programed number we have stored. If you are tired of robocalls, I highly recommend this product to help restore order to your phone system. Get it, you will not be disappointed...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Samantha Kell

8 Bands Portable Jammer

Top Sale 2019 Mobile GPS WiFi Signal Jammer

Thus far this cell phone jammer is working very well. While researching the product I happened across a YouTube video which evaluated the item and said that when connected via the standard setup it wouldn't allow the caller ID on his cordless phone to receive the names of those calling him (instead only the telephone numbers appeared on the handheld phone. If that would've been the case, it wouldn't have worked for me and I would've moved on. Instead I posted a question here on Perfectjammer about this supposed issue and was told that it DID in fact allow both the caller's name and number to appear on the handheld phone...

Date Added: 05/14/2019 by Horace Franklin

 cheap jammer

8 Bands Desktop GSM 3G 4G GPS Blocker

This is my second cell phone jammer. My first one got hit and smoked by lightning during one of our infamous Florida thunderstorms. It was the worst loss I've suffered since my dog passed away five years ago. I had to have another one, and once again, Perfectjammer and my credit card made it happen. I love this thing, and I won't be without one. Again, this is my second. I recommend it 100%. If it was lightning-proof it would be perfect...

Date Added: 05/13/2019 by Franklin Norris

 cheap jammer

Cell Phone GPS WiFi Signal Blocker Powerful

I bought this product to try because I get 2-8 (!!!) per day. Morning to night I get robo-calls, "unavailable" number, silence, I even get calls showing my own number. This was becoming intolerable so when I first saw the cell phone jammer online I decided to try it. Simple is the only way to describe it. Take the unit and plug the short (8 inches or so) phone cable (included) from the CPR to your portable home phone base, base to line (as normal...) and robo-calls go away! Annoying robo-calls have dropped dramatically to sometimes one or NONE a day. I LOVE IT!!! BUY ONE OF THESE CALL BLOCKERS - KEEP YOUR SANITY! Recommended highly...

Date Added: 05/13/2019 by Gail Hopkin

 cheap jammer

4G GPS Signal Blocker Reviews

Now that I have this cell phone jammer I can see why it has so many good reviews. Before getting the blocker we had 30 to 40 unwanted calls a week. Once I use this device, I will get not one call. Since hooking it up one month ago I have manually blocked 11 phone numbers and 19 area codes and I keep getting fewer and few calls. I cannot believe it took me so long to find this device. We had been suffering all the abuse for way too long.. I cannot imagine living with out this product now...

Date Added: 05/13/2019 by Alberta Larkin

8 Bands GPS Signal Blocker

Big Jamming Ranger Signal Blocker For GPS WiFi 3G 4G

My wife and I will shortly become eligible for Medicare. Even though we are listed on the Fed's Do Not Call List, we were plagued morning, noon and night, weekends and holidays on our landline, by telemarketers trying to sell us every Medicare Advantage plan under the sun. Legit ones and scam ones as well. As soon as you start using this cell phone jammer these calls will drop dramatically...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Colby Malory

8 Bands GPS Signal Blocker

Large Jamming Ranger GPS Lojack Jammers Reviews

After several years of telemarketers calling we finally decided to invest in a call blocking device. We selected this cell phone jammer. We have had it for several weeks. We had an initial problem with calls going to our Verizon voice mail vs the voice mail on our home phone unit. A call the tech services at CPR recommended we reduce the number of rings before the voice mail kicks in. We did that and it solved the problem. The unit has blocked untold numbers of telemarketers and our house is not much more peaceful. This device is easy to use, install and is works...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Haley Pansy

8 Bands GPS Signal Blocker

N8P Handheld Cell Phone WiFi GPS Jammer

I can not possibly tell you how very much we LOVE this cell phone jammer! To say I was skeptical would be an understatement but it has delivered everything I had dared hope for. We averaged at least 10 unwanted callers a day; sometimes more, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Kirk Masefield

BT8  Mobile Phone Jammer

BT8 Cell Phone 3G 4G Jammer

We were sitting around complaining about having to screen our calls from so many telemarketers, and wishing that we had a way to block certain phone numbers, so we took to Perfectjammer and did some exploring and discovered this cell phone jammer. It had great reviews, and now we know's a great product. Easy to block phone numbers, with the touch of a large red button. And, if you don't reach it in time to push it during the call, you can review the previous calls, and choose which you want to block as well...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Samantha Kell

BT8  Mobile Phone Jammer

18W GPS WiFi Blocker

I get dozens of robo calls and solicitations daily, even though I am on the Do Not Call Registry. I recently put my grandson down for a nap at noon and got seven annoying phone calls in the next 75 minutes until he woke up from the calls. I then ordered the cell phone jammer and when it arrived, I blocked all the toll free numbers that I knew as well as the "unavailable" and "out of area" calls. Like magic, I was no longer bothered by annoying phone calls...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Horace Franklin

BT8  Mobile Phone Jammer

4G WiFi Desktop Blocker

AMAZING! I was ready tear out my landline due to the number of unsolicited calls wasting my time. Literally, within the first two days my cell phone jammer stopped over all of these aggravating calls. Now all I have to do is open this device from any extension in our home to eliminate the other unwanted callers. If you make a mistake in blocking someone, you can reverse it. I was a skeptic prior to purchasing, however, now I'M TRULY THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS which has reduced unnecessary stress, wasted time and aggravation in my life...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Franklin Norris

N8N Signal Jammer

Reviews N8N Mobile Phone Portable Jammers

Ahhhhh.... Peace and Quite since we have received this cell phone jammer...! I highly recommend it. It is extremely easy to set and more important than anything else, IT WORKS.... Bye, bye telemarketers and robocalls.... If you want to own your telephone again and get away from all of those annoying sales, promotion & political calls, then do yourself a favor and buy one of these...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Gail Hopkin

N8N Signal Jammer

Portable Military 8 Bands GPS Jammer

Use this cell phone jammer. You can block calls simply by pressing the "Block Now" button if you're around and receive an unwanted call - no need to answer the phone. It also keeps a record of all numbers you receive in the event that an unwanted call arrives while you're not home. You can scroll through the numbers, and press the Block Now button for the pesky ones. You can also delete the telephone numbers you recognize...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Alberta Larkin

N8N Signal Jammer

Military Powerful GPS Lojack Signal Blocker

This thing is insane. Now when nuisance people call me, the number shows up on the phone or TV, I recognize the number has no reason to call my house, the call is disconnected, and the number is entered into the cell phone jammer so they can't call us again. In the course of just a few days, my wife and I noticed a significant decline in intrusive interruptions from spam callers. The call blocker itself is small and unobtrusive, and very easy to set up...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Colby Malory

Super  Signal Jammer

A12 Super Powerful GPS WiFi 30W Signal Blocker

WOW! This is an awesome cell phone jammer. Before I ordered this product, I was receiving at least twenty robocalls per day. The scammers were holding my landline (and me) hostage! How annoying is that?! I had to either ditch my landline or try some other method. When I found this product and read the many positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. Setup was a snap, instructions were clear and concise. Immediately upon installation, my robocalls began to dwindle. I love the features that block "unavailable" and "out of area" calls, in addition to being able to block calls in any specific area code. The product is worth every penny. Thanks to the...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Haley Pansy

Super  Signal Jammer

A12 Powerful GPS Mobile Signal Jammers Comments

In my experience, the cell phone jammer does what it claims extremely well. My house was getting hammered with three or more solicitation calls every day in the late in the afternoon, dinner time or after dinner. My high quality cordless system blocks calls, but we ran of blocking capacity!! We could not block any more numbers using our cordless phone system. So we purchased a jamming device to hook it to our cordless phone system and it worked great...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Kirk Masefield

Super  Signal Jammer

Comments Of Powerful Cell Phone Blockers

When I ordered it I didn't really expect it to work. I was wrong. The cell phone jammer does pretty much exactly what it sets out to do: it intercepts incoming calls and blocks unwanted numbers by adding them to the internal database of blocked callers...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Colby Malory

Super  Signal Jammer

A12 30W Super GPS WiFi Lojack 3G 4G 5.8G Jammer

WOW! What a wonderful boon to human kind. I was getting 3-5 telemarketing calls per day, many of them robocalls. In the 2 weeks since I installed the Cell Phone Jammer, I've had to block a grand total of only 13 calls - less than one per day. The 5000 blocked numbers it has built in clearly do most of the trick...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Haley Pansy

 Jammign Device

Mini Type Military GPS Blocker Reivews

This cell phone jammer has worked for me as advertised by the manufacturer since I bought it and installed it 4 weeks ago. For the record, I get my phone service via Mediacom cable company VOIP internet phone service. My digital phone is AT&T Model TL92271 DECT 6.0. I installed the call blocker in series ahead of my AT&T phone per manufacturer instructions...

Date Added: 05/12/2019 by Kirk Masefield

 Jammign Device

Reviews Newest Military Signal Jammers

This cell phone jammer call blocker has worked for me as advertised by the manufacturer since I bought it and installed it 4 weeks ago. For the record, I get my phone service via Mediacom cable company VOIP internet phone service. My digital phone is AT&T Model TL92271 DECT 6.0. I installed the call blocker in series ahead of my AT&T phone per manufacturer instructions. My answering feature on my phone works as before; caller ID info (when provided by incoming caller) is displayed on the phone display; caller ID info (when provided by incoming caller) is also verbally announced by the phone as before ... so all phone features continue without any issues...

Date Added: 05/11/2019 by Elvis Dalton

 Jammign Device

E10 Military Powerful Mobile Phone GPS Blocking Device Reviews

Best cell phone jammer EVER! I purchased this one to replace the one I already had (different brand). It quickly filled up with blocked numbers and I couldn't add anymore. It was ineffective at blocking 'out of area,' private, and 'unavailable' calls. Also, the phone would have to ring once before the call was blocked...

Date Added: 05/11/2019 by Glenn Bob

 Jammign Device

Powerful Tactical 10 Bands Military Jammers

As a night time caregiver for my 98 year old mother, my morning sleep is the only thing that keeps me physically able to go on. I thank God that I found the cell phone jammer Call Blocker on Amazon and bought it. The plague of my existence up until now have been the infernal Telemarketers and other incessant ‘nuisance’ calls that has kept my phone ringing the entire time I’m trying to sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the worst experiences that anyone can have and it leads to all kinds of health issues like depression, anxiety, all the way up to major heart problems. I have experienced some of these issues and I blame these callers directly for these problems...

Date Added: 05/11/2019 by Aldrich Huggins

signal blocker jammer

The Most Popular Cell Phone Jammer Reviews

As the owner of a service company a good portion of my work day is spent answering the phone and I am so tired of all the marking calls, even with the Do Not Call Registry there are a ton of calls that still come in. We have about 8 phone lines that are incoming and even if each line gets on call a day that is 8 waste my time calls I have to field through. I resorted to the handy internet and discovered this cell phone jammer...

Date Added: 05/09/2019 by Rose Joe

cell phone blocker for classroom

Reviews About N12 Mobile Phone Signal Blockers

I was excited when I first received this cell phone jammer but a couple of things to note before you spend your money: This device "eats" the caller id number and does not pass it along to your telephone. If you depend on the caller id, this device will "block" it...

Date Added: 05/09/2019 by Diana Flower

communication blockers

The Best Handheld Signal Blockers

This cell phone jammer is easy to turn it on, figure out how it works, but actually finding a hidden device with it is difficult. You have to make sure all wifi signals are turned off completely. It will also pick up other waves, like from your cell phone...

Date Added: 05/09/2019 by Darren Ellen

jammer signal blocker

Reviews Newest Tech Portable Cell Phone Jammers

Great product for the price. Being realistic, one cant expect that this cell phone jammer is going to do the job of one costing 10 times more. But it works for me, meeting my expectations. Instructions could be better, and so would a more comprehensive FAQ. However...

Date Added: 05/08/2019 by Albert Vincent

radio frequency blocker

Cheapest N12 Super Handhled Jammer Reviews

Cell phone jammer has been working well almost everywhere to detect the strange signal with the beeper sound and red light. I am very surprised to hear the beeper sounds because of the small alaming process. However the sounds has not been get out of a kind of very strange and wired macro I guess in South Korea...

Date Added: 05/06/2019 by Hunter Malan

cell phone signal blocker device

Best powerful 12 Bands mobile phone jammers reviews

We bought this WiFi cell phone jammer to figure out what strange device was connected to our WiFi network that we didn't recognize. We just could not find it anywhere and the scan did not show what kind of device it was. Also, thought the purchase would be good since my field is in cyber security...

Date Added: 05/04/2019 by Elva Freeman

cell phone blocker for home

New reviews about handheld 12bands cell phone jammers

This is a very good cell phone jammer. I tested this against cameras I have in my house, and it worked beautifully. I tested it on a single recording device, and it also worked well. I cannot be happier with this device. More importantly, Tony has some of the best customer service I have used in electronics in a long time. Ishida is especially knowledgeable and coached me through everything I needed...

Date Added: 05/02/2019 by Alvin Saul

internet blocker device

The latest review of 12 bands handheld signal jammer

It is a great cell phone jammer after a while you get used to how to measure the dBm. Truly amazing product , I am planning to buy couple more....

Date Added: 04/28/2019 by Reg Lindberg

laser blocker

The latest review of 12 bands handheld signal jammer

It is a great cell phone jammer after a while you get used to how to measure the dBm. Truly amazing product , I am planning to buy couple more...

Date Added: 04/28/2019 by Troy Kathleen

network blocker

The latest review of powerful handheld jamming devices

1. Worry about installed wireless eavesdropper or tracking locator in the car or office. 2.Worry about electromagnetic radiation leakage in household appliances like microwave ovens; 3.Worry about installed candid devices to reveal personal privacy in hotels during travelling...

Date Added: 04/24/2019 by Victor Dillon

6 Bands Blocker

Data Visualization Military GPS WiFi Jammer

It looks like a very technical GPS jammer. Being able to display all kinds of information seems very convenient. Of course, the most important distraction is powerful....

Date Added: 02/21/2019 by Maggie Moses

Jammers for 3G 4G

Portable Handheld 8 Bands GPS WiFi 4G Jammer

This jammer is really popular in the US. I was surprised to find that my friend and I had both bought the cell phone jammer. This jammer is really portable. I can put it in my pocket. It's hard to see me using a jammer...

Date Added: 03/02/2019 by Bartholomew Copperfield

BT8  Mobile Phone Jammer

18W GPS WiFi 3G 4G Blocker

A very good cell phone jammer! There is a very good cooling system, I tested the continuous operation of 24 hours, but the temperature did not increase significantly. The operation is quiet and unobtrusive. In general, it works very well in the office.....

Date Added: 02/14/2019 by Florence Ferguson

N8N Signal Jammer

Lojack 5.8G 2.4G WiFi GPS Blocker

I like the military style very much. It makes me feel really cool. I can hang it on my arm and think of myself as a super-agent, like 007. Oh, the point is, the jamming effect is really good.....

Date Added: 01/25/2019 by David Chamberlain

Super  Signal Jammer

5G 4G 3G Signal Blocker

Advantages: This cell phone jammer can jamming a variety of signals, especially 5G signals. That's pretty cool. The range of disturbance is beyond imagination. insufficient: It takes too long to transport. It took me about 10 days to receive my product. Conclusion: In general, it is a very good jammers can meet the demand of most of my interference....

Date Added: 02/28/2019 by Harley Perkin

Cheap Drone Blocker for Sale

Shield Type UAV Blocker

Oh, when I found this drone jammer on the website one day, I was immediately attracted by its technological appearance. Although the price was a bit high for me, I quickly decided to order one. Soon I received the jammer. Objects look cooler than pictures. And nobody knew it was actually a jammer. I tried to get my friend's drone back, and it was very interesting!!!...

Date Added: 03/15/2019 by Bernard Piers

8 Bands GPS Signal Blocker

Lojack Long Antenna Cell Phone Jammer

A cell phone jammer with a very long antenna. Looking at the data information is farther away than similar jammers. I tested this device after receiving it, and the effect is very good!!!...

Date Added: 03/12/2019 by Abigail Yonng

Portable UAV Jammer

Portable Powerful UAV Signal Blocker

Very portable drone jammer. This is the first time I've seen a drone jammer that can be used with one hand. It's very easy to carry. And the interference is very strong. I like this device very much...

Date Added: 03/08/2019 by Riva Bertha

Gun drone jammer

Drone Jammer with a Scope

Very characteristic drone jammer. With a scope, it looks just like a real gun. For those of us who come here to hunt a lot, we love this look. It's a great gift...

Date Added: 03/11/2019 by Nicholas Doyle

8 Bands Portable Jammer

Portable 8 Bands Cell Phone Jammer

This 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammer,can jamming all types of Android phones, Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, Windows phones etc. that use 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS L1-L5, LOJACK, or Remote Control 315Mhz 433MHz and Bluetooth WIFI wireless signals popular in 2019 and in years to come...

Date Added: 03/13/2019 by Newman Juliet

Newest Drone Jammers

HDT-1000 Newest 8 Bands Portable Drone Jammer 2.4G 5.8G

I received the product after 10 days. The effect of this product is unexpected! I'm really happy to see those drones coming back...

Date Added: 03/19/2019 by Tim Eugene

8 Bands desktop blocker

S8-WG 8 Bands 3G 4GLTE GPS WiFi Cheap Jammer

It's awesome, it works. I don't have a radiation detector to see if it actually blocks them...

Date Added: 01/25/2019 by Nigel Evelina

signal jammer blocker

12 Bands Military WiFi GPS Lojack Jammer

I used and tested this device using conventional and unconventional methods. and it provides total darkness ...

Date Added: 03/05/2019 by Barbara Josh


6 Bands GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFi Signal Jammer

I was thrilled to get this but figured I'd test it a few times to see if it works. My first test...

Date Added: 03/20/2019 by Madge Funk

Cell phone blocker

Portable Cell Phone Jammers 2G 3G WiFi

It's awesome, it works. I don't have a radiation detector to see if it actually blocks them but when I open the jammer...

Date Added: 03/05/2019 by Wallis Carl

10 Bands Jammer

Cell Phone GPS WiFi Blocker 10 Bands

This is a great jammer!!! Each frequency band is controlled by a separate switch...

Date Added: 11/25/2018 by Devin Eveline

5G mobile phone blocker

5G Cell Phone Jammer GSM 3G 4G GPS WiFi

Unexpected products, very powerful. I put it in the corner of the yard, and the drone could no longer come near...

Date Added: 10/28/2018 by Joel Gerard

12 Bands power adjustable blocker

Cellphone WIFI 12 Bands Blocker

The performance is very stable, can adjust the output power according to my needs, which is very convenient...

Date Added: Date Added: 10/30/2017 by Joel Gerard

 14 bands desktop jammer

Power Adjustable 14 Bands Desktop

A very jammer that can jammer a very large area. Can adjust the interference range...

Date Added: 11/13/2017 by Bloor Gary

5 Bands adjustable power blocker

Desktop Signal Jammmer 5 Bands

Very convenient and user-friendly design. All frequency bands can regulate the output power...

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Leigh Gary

12 Bands  jammers

Phone Signals RF Drone Jammer

Very fast freight, you can normally interfere with the signal. Have to say that the jammer distance is very large!

Date Added: 11/26/2017 by Harold Griffin

 waterproof drone jammer

Drone RF Jammer Portable Large Range

Very professional design, gun-type launchers are very convenient to aim at drone, can quickly shoot down high-altitude drone!

Date Added: 10/28/2017 by Onions Griffin

8 Bands GPS Drone jammer

8 Bands Drone RF Blocker Device

Unexpected results, quickly shot down UAVs. I can enjoy the quiet weekend. Highly recommended!

Date Added: 11/08/2017 by Masefield James

Omnidirectional drone jammer

Protable Waterproof Drone Large Range Jammer

Very effective, able to shoot down those annoying drone! In addition to the price, this jammer is great!

Date Added: 11/01/2017 by Walkley Garcia

Power adjustable 6 bands desktop jammer

Adjustable Power 6 Bands Blocker

Quickly received the goods, the noise is small, the jammer effect is very good! Very satisfied Perfectjammer products, will buy again...

Date Added: 10/31/2017 by David Lewinson

Remote Control Jammers 4 Bands

Desktop Mobile Phone Jammer Power Adjustable

Very user-friendly design, you can remotely open or close. Can jammer a variety of cell phone signals, great!...

Date Added: 10/15/2017 by Joe Green

MIni 2G 3G blocker

Mini Tyepe 3 Bands Blocker

Very compact disruptor, can be carried in your pocket. Really convenient, the train does not have to be disturbed by the phone ring...

Date Added: 11/15/2017 by Dillon Giles

Large range desktop 6 bands blocker

6 Bands Desktop Phone Signal Jammer

Jammer range is very large, the effect is also very good. Very good product, I am very satisfied...

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Sharp James

Waterproof cell phone blocker

5 Bands Waterproof Mobile Phone Blocker

Very interesting design, built-in antenna, does not look like a jammer. Waterproof function is very practical, can be used in the open air...

Date Added: 10/25/2017 by Theresa Nelson

GPS 2 bands jammers

Anti-Tracking GPS Jammer

Very convenient jammer that can jammer all GPS signals. It's fantastic for those who want to protect privacy...

Date Added: 11/02/2017 by Antoinette Warren

1 band jammers

Vehicular GPS Positioning Jammer 1 Band

Have to say, great! Fast freight, can jammer GPS signal within 10 meters, the quality is very good...

Date Added: 10/25/2017 by Thomas Oliver

Car GPS Jammer

Mini GPS Jammer Device For Car

Very compact GPS jammer that can be recharged in the car. With this, I do not have to worry about being positioned by government agencies to reveal my privacy...

Date Added: 11/18/2017 by Belloc Rodney

U disk jammer

Hidden Type GPS Jammer Anti-Tracking

This is a very unique jammer, U disk appearance, very compact, not easy to be perceived...

Date Added: 11/15/2017 by Felton Joyce

4 Bands mobile signals jammer

4 Bands GPS Cellphone Blocker

Has a strong jammer performance, completely cut off GPS, WIFI, cell phone signal. The product is worth buying!

Date Added: 10/31/2017 by Craigie Raphael

5 Bands  blocker

2G 3G 5 Bands Jammer Device

I really like this jammer. From then on I can enjoy quiet and privacy life. Nothing better than this!

Date Added: 11/08/2017 by Sara Anderson

Cell phone GPS WIFI desktop jammers

Mobile Phone Blocker 5 Bands Desktop

Bought a this product, work in good condition. Ideal design and advanced technology, the operation is very convenient!

Date Added: 10/28/2017 by Robert Murphy

High heat dissipation performance jammer

Cellphone 8 Bands Desktop Jammer

As the description says, can work long time without overheating. Jammer effect is very good, there is no signal transmission meeting room...

Date Added: 11/01/2017 by Morrison Clive

Cell phone handheld jammer 8 bands

8 Bands LOJACK Cellphone Jammer

Very good quality! I've been using it for two weeks and found that this jammer works long hours as long as it has power. Highly recommended...

Date Added: 11/12/2017 by Morgan Owen

Cell phone 4 bands jammers

4 Bands Portable Cellular Phones Jammer

A great jammer that effectively protects my privacy. Especially in the car can be charged at any time use, really convenient!

Date Added: 11/08/2017 by Whitman Gary

4 Bands desktop blockers

4 Bands Mobile Phone Jammer Device

Great, can jammer all cell phone signals. From then on Saturday will not be awakened by all kinds of phone ringing...

Date Added: 11/22/2017 by Boswell Walker

Mobile phone 6 bands jammers

6 Bands Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammer

A great jammer that effectively jammer cellphone signal. A separate band switch and display lights, very convenient...

Date Added: 11/20/2017 by Stephens George

Hidden antenna cell phone jammers

Full Phone Frequency Signal Jammer

Very satisfied! This mobile phone jammer can cover multiple frequency bands and is easy to use...

Date Added: 10/21/2017 by Bronte Kirk

Hidden Mini GPS WIFI Jammer

Super Mini Jammer Device

Very compact jammer, easy to carry. Can be placed in your pocket to prevent excessive signal transmission...

Date Added: 11/10/2017 by Mary Walker

Holster cell phone jammers

Mobile Phone Holster Jammer Device

I have not seen a faster delivery yet. The goods correspond to the full description...

Date Added: 11/15/2017 by Scripps Gerard

Military 6 Bands jammer

Military Camouflage Mobilephone Jammer

Fast delivery, perfect quality! LCD screen is very convenient design, can quickly understand the various information, such as the remaining capacity...

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by David Garcia

Super  desktop jammer 16 bands

16 Bands Jammer

This jammer has very and can completely cover our entire conference room. Since using this jammer, our meeting has become more efficient...

Date Added: 11/19/2017 by Moll Percy

Photo frame type hidden jammer

6 Bands Signal Blocker

This a very high hidden performance jammer, suitable for sitting in the living room or conference room, no one will find that this is actually a jammer device!

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Bloor Percy

Hidden type  jammers

Mini Pen-type 3w Led Flashlight Torch Lamp MXDL

Military appearance, tactical functions, but also has a certain degree of covert. Have to say, this is a very good jammer. I really like it !!!

Date Added: 11/22/2017 by Louisa Smith

Handheld 5 bands blocker

5 Bands Cellphone Signals Jammer Handheld

Very beautiful jammer! Working well, everything is perfect. My sleep quality has improved since I jamming WIFI and cell phone signals...

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Jeremiah Clive

Desktop  jammers 8 bands

8 Bands Power Adjustable Signal Jammer

This jammer is said to be the most popular product here. After a period of use, I found that really great. The jamming range is very large...

Date Added: 11/20/2017 by Bowen Evelyn

Desktop 6 bands cell phone blocker

6 Bands UHF VHF Cell Phone Signal Jammer

I have never seen such a sophisticated jammer, beautiful appearance, powerful features. Effectively jamming the signal within 30 meters...

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Bradley Christian

cigarette hidden jammers

Cigarette Hidden Type Signal Jammer For GSM 3G CDMA DCS PHS

Has very good hidden, it looks just like a pack of cigarettes. Can quietly jamming cell phone signal in the corner. Is a very good signal jammer

Date Added: 11/20/2017 by Newton Lewis

Hidden Antenna Jammer

Handheld 16 Bands 12W Hidden Antenna WiFi RF 4G 5G Jammer

phone jammer for sale

4G WiFi Desktop Blocker

12 Bands Phone Jammes

A12 Super Powerful GPS WiFi 30W Signal Blocker

Phone Blocker for Sale

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