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2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer Handhled Portable E06

$523.06$305.99 Product Details

This cell phone jammer really does a great job. Easy to use. Blocks all kinds of calls. well worth the money. I bought 1 of these for myself , was very pleased with how it works , I reordered 1 for a friend . unlike Panasonic phones which claim to block calls , but don't .. they only block 30 #'s . & they let your phone ring once then hangs up on the caller. the caller thinks he reached you , but you just hung up . plus robo calls know they reached a live # once your phone rings , they keep calling you over & over...making matters worst cas , the robo caller will keep trying different times of day & night to see when you will answer . it keeps track of how many times each ph. # tries to call you .. blocks large groups of #'s such as no name , no number , robo calls , international ,blocked #'s ,so easy to use . you don't have to be home to block #'s . you can review #'s when you get home then block them . if you block someone by mistake , you can easily unblock them