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2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer Handhled Portable E06

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This cell phone jammer really does a great job. Easy to use. Blocks all kinds of calls. well worth the money. I bought 1 of these for myself , was very pleased with how it works , I reordered 1 for a friend . unlike Panasonic phones which claim to block calls , but don't .. they only block 30 #'s . & they let your phone ring once then hangs up on the caller. the caller thinks he reached you , but you just hung up . plus robo calls know they reached a live # once your phone rings , they keep calling you over & over...making matters worst cas , the robo caller will keep trying different times of day & night to see when you will answer . it keeps track of how many times each ph. # tries to call you .. blocks large groups of #'s such as no name , no number , robo calls , international ,blocked #'s ,so easy to use . you don't have to be home to block #'s . you can review #'s when you get home then block them . if you block someone by mistake , you can easily unblock them

Review 2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer Handhled Portable E06

Date Added: 08/23/2020 by Majewski Wojciech

The delivery speed is very fast. The customer service attitude is very good. I tried it according to the method. Except for the router that can be detected, it will sound the alarm. Nothing else seems to be safe at home. Mom no longer has to worry about my safety. . Looks exquisite. I am very satisfied with the appearance