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Reviews About Cell Phone 12 Bands Blocker

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WOW! What a wonderful boon to human kind. I was getting 3-5 telemarketing calls per day, many of them robocalls. In the 2 weeks since I installed the Cell Phone Jammer, I've had to block a grand total of only 13 calls - less than one per day. The 5000 blocked numbers it has built in clearly do most of the trick. When a telemarketer does get past that list, it's a very simple matter to hit the red button and kill the call - permanently. Not near the red button and using a cordless phone? Just hit and the call is immediately and permanently blocked. Get calls at the crack of dawn? Block a given number once and it will never awaken you again.

Review About Cell Phone 12 Bands Blocker

Date Added: 09/02/2020 by Sobers Serena

I bought one and it worked well. Thanks to this product, I can now block 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals at the same time and create a quiet environment.

Date Added: 06/15/2020 by Williams Charles

First of all, fast delivery, neat packaging, very satisfied with the product...designed, efficient and easy to use, the product fully meets our expectations.

Date Added: 12/19/2019 by Walker William

The powerful features of this device made me buy it. The huge coverage radius and the adjustment of the output power of each antenna can cause interference to frequencies within the specified range. I can set it to block only one frequency (such as Wi-Fi) and use other frequency bands freely. Powerful and flexible household equipment can shield equipment!

Date Added: 10/07/2019 by Sheets Shephen

The interference signal is a powerful device. And you can choose to adjust the congestion or even interference signal power method. I use it to block free WiFi listening, I don't want to see my WiFi network outdoors.