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6 Bands Military Hidden Handheld GPS WiFi Jammer

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I have been averaging at least four unwanted calls each day. Telling these people that your number is on the National Do Not Call List does not stop them. I did not want to change my telephone number and pay to have it unlisted. I read about the cell phone jammer online, and I decided to buy it. Set up took about three minutes. I then tested it out by using my cell phone to call myself. I blocked my cell number. The jamming device worked. My land line did not even ring. In fact, I have not received a single unwanted call since I hooked it up to my phone line. If you are fed up with telephone solicitors, buy the device.

Review 6 Bands Military Hidden Handheld GPS WiFi Jammer

Date Added: 08/15/2020 by Bailey Lewis

Excellent product! I work in a movie theater and we have installed a set of such products. Customers can now enjoy their movies and they are satisfied with it.