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8 Bands 3G 4G Mobile Phone Handheld Cheap Jammer

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After using the cell phone jammer for over 2 months now we are as pleased as as the day we started using the product, perhaps more so. It has been very effective in blocking all types of unwanted calls. Since our jamming device is located on a floor of the house different from that where we spend most of our time, we appreciate how easy it is to block calls directly from our wireless phones. The only real issues we have noted are 1, too many people and businesses fail to properly activate their caller ID, and 2, scammers are very effective in disguising or spoofing their identity so sometimes it takes time to effectively block their calls. The other issue is how little effort our representatives in Congress are applying to eliminating ROBO callers. You can help by lending your voice to the Consumer Report effect in this area. Also, do not answer any call unless you know FOR SURE who the caller is. Of course, once you use the device, you won't be able to answer the phone