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Radio signals in the civil sector are interfered with

Perfectjammer 2022/08/25

  GPS is so widely used now that when we go to an unfamiliar place, we first use GPS navigation, so that we can easily find our destination, making travel route planning also GPS navigation. There is no doubt that GPS navigation is inseparable from our lives and interfering with them can disrupt important communications.

Radio signals in the civil sector are interfered with

  Interference makes the normal reception of radio signals difficult or impossible. For example, radio, television, mobile phone, GPS, etc. The radio waves emitted by the jammer are the same as those emitted by the jammer, so normal data sent by the base station cannot be sensed.

  GPS jammers are mainly used by long-distance bus drivers and people who don't want to be tracked by GPS signals. GPS jamming can effectively prevent GPS satellite positioning tracking. It only interferes with the GPS signal and does not affect the phone answering. Small and lightweight. It usually comes with a car charger for easy portability.

  The application of jammers is very common in the military field. The device makes it difficult for others to use certain frequency bands or the entire frequency band. It also becomes a noise jammer and has long been used as part of electronic countermeasures, such as vehicles equipped with special jammers. It protects the front of the car from attacks such as remote-controlled bombs.

  Jammers are sometimes used in some civilian areas. For example, German prisons and juvenile detention centers have installed jammers to jam or suppress nearby unauthorized radio communication frequencies, thereby reducing drug trafficking and prison incidents. Mobile jamming calls were successfully tested in St. Polten, Austria, which only blocked connections between prisoners and did not interfere with outdoor mobile communications. Statistics show that around 40-50 mobile phones are seized in Austrian prisons every month.

  Jammers are increasingly common in our lives, but they must never be used illegally.

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