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The steps and precautions for using the communication signal jammer cart


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How to use communication interference vehicles to achieve optimal results

Communication interference vehicles are devices specifically designed to interrupt enemy communication and should be used with caution. The following are the steps and precautions for using a communication signal jammer to push the cart for optimal results:

1. Fixed site:

(1) professionals use spectrum analyzer to accurately detect and control the frequency of on-site wireless signals in advance, and then adjust the output frequency of each frequency band of the communication jamming vehicle according to the data, so that the output of each frequency band of the communication signal scrambler can make the signal more targeted, and the frequency band module plays the largest role in the use field.

(2) park the communication interference vehicle at a higher position, and when the antenna is raised, the coverage of the shielding signal will be greater.

2. Mobile website:

(1) Adjust the output frequency of each module to ensure seamless docking of all module output frequencies, except for reserved frequencies for internal personnel communication.

(2) When driving at high speeds, communication interference vehicles are interspersed in the middle of the convoy. If there are many vehicles, it is recommended to use multiple communication interference vehicles together.

3. Determine the target: Before using the communication interference vehicle, it is necessary to first determine the communication target to be interrupted. This may be enemy radio communication, satellite communication, or even telephone communication. Once you have established your goals, you can better plan your actions.

4. Check equipment: Before using communication interference vehicles, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is operating properly. Check whether key components such as power supply, antenna, communication module, etc. are working properly. If the equipment is damaged or malfunctioning, it needs to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

5. Choosing a location: When using communication interference vehicles, it is necessary to choose a suitable location.The location should be close to the target communication device and able to conceal one's own whereabouts. It is best to choose a location such as a high ground or the top of a building for more stable signal transmission.

6. Starting interference: After the communication interference vehicle starts, interference operations need to be carried out. Interference operations can be continuous or intermittent. When conducting interference operations, it is necessary to closely monitor the working status of the equipment and adjust the interference intensity and frequency as needed.

7. Adjusting parameters: The effect of communication interference on vehicles is closely related to their parameter settings. It is necessary to adjust the parameters according to the actual situation to achieve the best effect. For example, adjustments can be made based on communication frequency or the characteristics of the target device.

8. Warning countermeasures: Using communication interference vehicles may cause countermeasures from the other party. Therefore, during the use process, it is necessary to be vigilant and ready to respond to counter measures from the other party at any time.