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Perfectjammer 2021-08-21

With the development of the communications industry, especially 5G technology, mobile communications have brought great convenience to people’s lives, and the negative effects on high-secret occasions such as prisons and detention centers have become more and more obvious. If mobile phones are brought into prison and used by criminals, it will cause great harm to the management and safety of prisons, detention centers and other places. I have to mention Pocket Jammer Cell Phone here. Only by establishing a truly effective signal shielding system can prisons and detention centers provide strong physical defense protection. However, due to the current mixed market, many cheap mobile phone jammers are mainly suitable for general civilian use due to performance indicators, reliability, and operating conditions. cell phone jammer There may be certain problems in the practical use of large-scale places such as prisons and detention centers.

Within a small range of 0-10 meters, the area is within 120 square meters. Low-power mobile phone signal jammer. The shielding effect is different according to the distance between the location and the base station, and the shielding range is mainly determined by the strength of the magnetic field. Can recommend handheld 4-way and 6-terminal Pocket Jammer Cell Phone. Low-power shielding through walls will weaken the signal. If you need to go through walls, it is not recommended to buy low-power ones. There is no base station within 1 km. Within 120 square meters, one is enough. Two units are recommended for 120-250 square meters. It is recommended to install one for large conference rooms within 150 square meters, two for 250 square meters, and four for 600 square meters. Installing more than 3 units in an area will form a honeycomb shielding effect. Therefore, when installing a mobile phone signal jammer, you must first understand your surrounding environment and the area used, and then decide which type of jammer to buy. If you have any questions, you can also consult Dazhan Electronics’ mobile phone signal shielding customer service.

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