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Make Cheap Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-08-20

It is suitable for students with a distance of no more than 50 meters to pass answers to each other. It is also possible to test two adjacent classrooms by myself. Install bluetooth software like bluetooth hacker on the mobile phone, and then both sides turn on the bluetooth visibility. In the software option, there is the option to force the message to be sent via bluetooth. Enter the answer and force the sending, and all bluetooth mobile phones that turn on the visible will accept To the answer, one person sends the whole class to share. The above method is a method I came up with after several days of meditation. It is dedicated to all the students in a high school who are distressed by the signal being blocked. I hope that using the above method can liberate the students from the perverted school and get relaxed and happy! But there is the only disadvantage, Make Cheap Cell Phone Jammer can prevent the transmission of the signal cell phone jammer Installed in the classroom, I hope it will not stop our plan.

It is not only related to its own transmission power, but also to the distance of the base station in the use environment (base stations are not limited to large-scale transmission towers built on the ground, but also signal amplification antennas on the roof and signal amplification in some buildings. Distribution), another important factor is obstacles. If it is a metal material, it will be blocked directly; if it is a solid wall of reinforced concrete, it will attenuate at least 10 times after penetration. The magnetic field signal is strong or weak. When the magnetic field is weak, install one in 2.5 classrooms. If there are 10 classrooms in a row, install 3 in the aisle; when the magnetic field is strong, there is a base station within 500 meters, a base station within 300 meters, a base station within 200 meters, and a base station within 100 meters. Base station, there is a base station on the top of the building, it only depends on the situation, the stronger the magnetic field, the more points need to be installed Make Cheap Cell Phone Jammer.

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