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Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Circuit

Perfectjammer 2021-08-17

Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Circuit

Many schools are installing " Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Circuit ​" in examination rooms, classrooms, and dormitories. In this regard, many students expressed disgust, in fact, it is necessary to eliminate mobile phone interference in the classroom, and will not affect their health. Some people think that installing "cell phone signal jammers" in classrooms is a costly, laborious and unpleasant thing. The phenomenon of "playing with mobile phones in class" has turned the classroom into a meeting place for various information in the real society and cyberspace. Students are in such an environment, and under the impact of various information, their emotions tend to become impetuous. Install "mobile phones" After the "jammer", external information cannot enter, and the classroom becomes an independent space, restores its proper functions, and students can concentrate. cell phone jammer Develop classroom interaction with teachers. Therefore, the "cell phone jammer" shields impetuousness and leaves quietness.

The Cell Phone Wifi Jammer Circuit on the market is diverse, and there are also various machines. Prices are also uneven. Perhaps you may have bought a cheap machine on a certain platform, but it is useless in actual use. In fact, buying a mobile phone signal jammer does not care about its price, because the main buyer buys it to be useful, otherwise even if the useless machine is cheap, the consumer has no practical effect in the past. Ordinary mobile phone signal shielding is far lower in price, quality, or work efficiency than high-quality mobile phone signal jammers, because the cost of their parts is also where. Especially for temperature control, ordinary mobile phone signal jammers basically have no temperature control technology. Under poor heat dissipation, ordinary mobile phone signal jammers will not reduce power by themselves to maintain their own problems, resulting in machine crashes or spontaneous combustion. . Therefore, ordinary mobile phone signals are really not recommended for everyone to use. Even the price is favorable. It is also not recommended for consumers to use

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