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Mobile phones jammer are used in Chinese campuses

Perfectjammer 2018-02-06

Blocker cell phone in China schoolsIn China. It is reported, this year in liuyang 3 due to the accepted part 4, a medium and jinqiao ten school candidates, test the examinee number up to 1439 people, become the high Exceeded otherregions liuyang has the largest number of test candidates. "This year our school also made corresponding adjustments in monitoring." Zhang dexi, vice President of the city's third middle school, told reporters that a new CCTV camera was set up in the third year of the year, which completely covered all the monitoring from the entrance exam to the final arrival. The main purpose of the device is to prevent students from cheating

In contrast to previous years, in the college entrance examin+ation, three students have been fine-tuning procedures for students' passing through security. "It used to be that staff checked students out of the classroom door." "So this year we are extending this program to the classroom," said zhang dexi, who said that the area was part of the classroom where the surveillance cameras could not be filmed. According to de-xi zhang introduces, of the three candidates will enter the examination site, after the door of the classroom by the teacher again to security, "so we monitoring room staff observations can be clear at a glance, to ensure that each security personnel security for each student."

Subsequently, the joint inspection unit came to the examination room of three to check the signal cell phone jammer. "How many signals can this thing block? Can all mobile devices be screened? Face questions, de-xi zhang immediately remove equipment and turn on the juice and reporters found a mobile phone signal has been completely disappeared, trying to make a phone call, send text messages, open the web page failed. "The equipment was distributed by education, and we have not yet found out what sets of devices can break through it." Zhang dexi introduced that when the college entrance examination, it will be taken by the invigilators along with the test paper into the test room.

A prominent concern is the ability of an inmate to contact witnesses before an impending hearing, trial or appeal. By matching alibis or correcting conflicts in testimony, a defendant can win a reduction in or a complete dismissal of charges. The most frightening concern that correctional institutes contend are undetected cell phones used by inmates to warn other inmates in advance of surprise searches that could confiscate cell phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband items. This smuggled merchandise can pose life-threatening situations to correction officers and medical personnel working in one of the most hostile and treacherous work environment that exists.

As of press time, the joint inspection group checked completely, four test centers, "we will have six test sites in the city of testing equipment monitoring, signal gsm jammer line into the detailed inspection, to ensure that it can run normally." Liang yuping, head of law enforcement at the market and quality supervision bureau. "No obvious abnormalities have been found." Liang Yuping said, wait until June 6, the joint inspection group will also six test sites for review again, "because now there is still a part of the equipment examination site fully put in place, but also to prevent the missing check." Liang Yuping said

Revised at the end of last year, the new education law and higher education law, strengthen the blow to national cheating on the exam, including clear copy in the national education examination, including obtaining a cheat sheet, a variety of cheating, besides can be cancelled test qualifications or achievements, in serious cases can be "ban on" one to three years, even by the administrative penalties for public security and criminal investigation.

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