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Cell phone jammer installed in the classroom?

Perfectjammer 2018-01-16

GSM jammer for anti-cheatingIn chengdu university of science and technology, the classroom of the new building is equipped with a 'mobile phone signal mask', which is a good way to prevent the students from playing their mobile phones in class. Is the school really trying to block students' cell phone signals? So what are the facts? What's the point of blocking students' cell phone signals?

Found at school, in the second teaching building an empty classroom, more close to the board on the wall of a seemingly "black" of science and technology of instrument, the instrument is also attached to an automatic switch, which is revealed by netizens said the gsm jammer device. In this empty classroom, the power cord is not connected with the signal shield, and the switch is not opened. Therefore, the reporter's cell phone signal is normal and the network can be used normally.

Journalists also find out in the second teaching building several floors, both are school classroom and found empty classroom, mobile phone signal remains unaffected, can receive information, make a phone call, use the Internet.

"This is the construction of a standardized test venue." In charge of chengdu university of technology explained that the new teaching building is in of mobile phone signal shielding device is installed in accordance with the requirements of the standardized examination room an ongoing work, only the new buildings here are being installed, all the installation work has not been completed. He also said that the shield will be opened on a uniform request for the four or six exams that will be held in December. The main purpose of this equipment is to prevent students from cheating.

So did the students know about this?

The reporter interviewed cao, who was studying in the second teaching building, told reporters that she did not know it was used as a standardized test venue. "But I think the exam or open the immobilizer is useful, can prevent the students cheating, of course more or see individual consciously, to carefully review the students to take an examination of the influence of the immobilizer is not big." Cao said.

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