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Neighbors Using Cell Phone Jammer

Stanic Vladimir 2021-12-22

Anyone who has played CODOL knows that in this type of game, the selection and adjustment of tactical equipment is very important to the personal experience of the game. Even at critical moments, some cautious props can save your life. For example, electronic jammers and Neighbors Using Cell Phone Jammer can not only interfere with enemy radars, but also hide the location of friendly forces. The main function of the mobile jammer is to shield the visual information on the enemy map in a specific area, such as drone detection and a small map of the enemy invading the area. Some high-performance drone jammers can actually shield the 2.4G and 5.8G WiFi frequency bands commonly used by commercial or commercial drones on the market to prevent unattended aerial photography and detection. cell phone jammer

The mobile phone jammer or interceptor intentionally sends signals on the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, interrupting the communication between the mobile phone and the mobile phone base station, effectively keeping the mobile phone within the range of Neighbors Using Cell Phone Jammer . Since it cannot be used, it can prevent cell phone interference. If you need to block internet connections around you, you need to know one thing. You cannot block the wired internet without disconnecting the cable. However, other types of Internet (such as wireless networks supported by WiFi and Bluetooth connections) can easily be blocked. Use mobile phone jammers or signal jammers to prevent the machine from receiving signals, achieve zero-noise effect, and improve rest and sleep at noon and night.