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Would jamming radius be affected by humidity level

Perfectjammer 2019-11-13

Hello everybody! I would like to know - does humidity level affects jammer's work and its jamming radius when it is used outdoors? If so then how exactly?

Of course, there are many different types of Signal Jammer 4g, if any of the devices you want to spend a small amount of money on, then you can be completely sure that you will have the option to block the signals in a range. Of course, if your budget is tight and you can not think about buying expensive equipment, you can get a low power device. They have a very appropriate scope of work, especially if your main goal is to prevent people in the Zhou Bian area. I think that up to 5 meters is enough, especially if you're on a bus, you want people to shut up for twelve minutes. Jammers like this will definitely help you

As for the air humidity, it may affect the power of the jammer's signal and the radius in which it can block targeted frequency range. For the most of signal jammer models allowed air humidity level is between 5% and 80%, yet there is high and low humidity resistant jammer which is made primarily for the military usage thus is very reliable and resistant to bad exploitation conditions.

There are not so many models like that mentioned above, so you did the right thing that asked about the humidity. If you are using signal jammers for very important deeds, there are no trivial matters!