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How do GPS jammers allow criminals and problem employees to bypass GPS tracking?


According to annual crime statistics, auto theft has declined steadily over the past decade. These declines are attributed to a number of different factors, including advancements in vehicle alert systems and consumers' increasing use of GPS trackers for automated anti-theft security. Any time technological advances can play a role in reducing crime, it's positive, but unfortunately criminals will always try to find new ways to break the law. That's why many car thieves now use GPS jammers to fight cars. Consumers and businesses looking to protect their automotive assets use GPS tracking devices. But how do GPS jammers allow criminals and problem employees to bypass GPS tracking?

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GPS jamming devices are systems designed to interfere with GPS tracker receiving and transmitting GPS signals in real time. What the jamming device does is basically place a digital bubble around the car. This digital bubble can extend for about 500 meters and interfere with GPS trackers that send or receive GPS signals. Some of these jamming devices can even block mobile phone (GSM) communications that can be used to send or receive location information. Jamming devices will basically prevent any GPS tracker designed for car security from working properly, which is why so many car thieves use the system.

How to confuse GPS tracking devices

"GPS signals cannot penetrate concrete or metal, which is why when vehicles enter underground parking lots, they fall out of the digital mapping program used to observe GPS tracker data in real time," one fleet tracking expert exclaims. "The same type of phenomenon occurs when a person uses a GPS jamming device, and the car disappears from the digital map program."

It is illegal to use GPS jamming devices in most places, but it is still perfectly legal to buy such devices. To make matters worse, with the online marketplace flooded with foreign-made GPS jamming devices from places like China and Russia, it is becoming increasingly easy for criminals to obtain such devices. In fact, some Russian-designed GPS car-tracking signal jammers are said to be so powerful that they can jam GPS signals for up to 100 kilometers! GPS jammers are still a long way from being used by car thieves, but it suggests that this is a way to fool GPS tracking devices. Unfortunately, he does have almost no way to 100% protect the car from theft, especially when GPS jammers can block trackers. However, law enforcement experts still believe that vehicles equipped with GPS trackers have a higher safe recovery rate. In case of theft and as soon as possible