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Using the $10 RF remote as a signal jammer for 433 MHz wireless signals between the sensor and the device looks pretty elegant


Would Great Jammer Jamming

It seems a little unfair to pile on a product that has already been heavily criticized for its safety flaws. But when that product is a device that appears to be deployed to protect one's home and property, that's fair enough. When the device is an alarm system that can be overwritten by a $2 wireless remote, it's actually a burden.

The item in question is the SimpliSafe alert system, a fully wireless self-service system available online and at various major retailers. We have described a seriously flawed security model of the system in which SDRS can be used to perform effortless replay attacks. Despite the simplicity of this exploit, it looks very elegant compared to [LockPickingLawyer's] brute force attack, which uses a $2 RF remote as a signal jammers for 433 MHz wireless signals between sensors and devices.

When the remote is near the system, it shows how easy it is to open a door or window and enter a property protected by SimpliSafe without leaving a trace. Yes, a small remote may not interfere with the system remotely, but a cheap programmable dual-band transceiver like the one Storm offers can certainly do the trick. As licensed hobbyists, [LockPickingLawyer] has not yet tested this, but we doubt that thieves will follow the law as well as law enforcement officers.

The bottom line with alarm systems is that you get what you pay for, or unfortunately much less.

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