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A product marketing outlet in Germany plans to use mobile phone jammers so that customers in stores won't compare prices


Cologne-based RTL Television, which appointed a sales manager, reported that a major German electronics marketing channel was using cell phone jammer, known as "jammers", so that customers in stores would not compare prices. The market was not named in the report. It simply says: "A chain store that attracts customers with favorable prices". Sworn employees also remain anonymous. Cell phone jammers disrupt the phone's mobile network, meaning data can no longer be accessed.

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"Advertising is becoming more and more important for supermarkets and individual chains. As a result, it was advertised as the cheapest. In about three years of the age of smartphones and apps, everyone can check this out. Of course, there is a story that signal jammers are a very fascinating and simple solution. Different markets have no say. It always comes from the top, from management. The store manager never knew." - The sales manager said.

Installation is carried out by the craft company. They indicate that the camera system needs repair. A store can have up to five cell phone jammers. Use is usually illegal, but may be approved by the Federal Cyber Agency. obtained a statement from Media Markt - more specifically, the following:

"Of course, customers in our market use their smartphones for price comparisons, and we also face this price comparison. We can assure you that jammers installed on our market will not interfere with cell phone reception. However, we are aware that due to structural conditions in some markets, only a limited number of handsets may be accepted.